The Ghostbusturtles[1] are anthropomorphic turtles who serve as parallel versions of the Ghostbusters in an alternate dimension. The team includes Dr. Dan Welker, Harold LaMarche, Bill Music, Ernie Hall, and an unnamed rookie.[2][3][4]


The city of Zoo Amsterdam began to take extra-normal threats seriously ever since a Marshmallow Bunny manifested and destroyed Fifth Avenue.[5] Some time after Peter Venkman and Michelangelo crossed over into another dimension, they found themselves in an alternate New York called Zoo Amsterdam and there were walking, talking animals instead of humans. After a heart-to-heart talk in a park, Peter realized they were in the neighborhood where the Firehouse would be. Michelangelo wondered if there were Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusturtles arrived and ordered them to freeze. While Peter didn't look like a typical entity to them, it was decided they would make the final determination after they blasted it. Before Peter could react, the Ghostbusturtles fired at him.

The Ghostbusturtles wrangled Peter in their streams. Bill congratulated everyone for saving the young turtle and asked for someone to restrain Peter for transport. Dan stepped up and wrapped Peter up in Incapacitating Gel. As they carried Peter to the Turtle Van, Harold bemoaned that it happened to be the day Ernie called in sick. Michelangelo tried to explain Peter wasn't what they thought but Dan reassured him Peter was some kind of alien hellbeast then explained they were going to consult with City Hall, atomize him, and store him safely. Dan told Michelangelo there was no need to thank them then the Ghostbusturtles departed. Michelangelo mused he could easily take them out and rescue Peter but concluded they were innocent bystanders. He utilized his ninja training and tailed the van to the Ghostbusturtles' Firehouse. Peter was placed on a table in the basement and left alone. Bill and Harold found Michelangelo trying to free Peter and opened fire. Michelangelo easily dodged the streams. Harold was aghast with the lab getting wrecked. Michelangelo had enough.

Michelangelo told them he was a trained ninja and could drop them without breaking a sweat then simply dropped his nunchuks to the ground. Bill admitted he wasn't ready for that move. Harold assumed the demon's hold was waning and elected Dan to talk to him. Dan demanded the entity to release its hold on Michelangelo and make itself visible. Listening to Dan, Peter realized he was an analogue of Ray Stantz. Michelangelo explained neither of them were ghosts. They were just visitors from another world. Harold advised Dan not to trust them since aliens didn't exist. Michelangelo clarified they were from two different dimensions on the run from something bad. Michelangelo concluded they were good people otherwise they would have taken out Peter from the start. Peter pointed out it was red tape that saved him. Michelangelo noticed none of them had their fingers on their triggers anymore then implored them to look at what was on Peter's back as further proof he was telling the truth. Harold realized it was a Proton Pack. Dan followed his gut and believed Michelangelo. But they ran a series of scans to verify it completely and took samples. As they walked out of the Firehouse, Dan apologized but Michelangelo understood they were doing their job and it was okay to be safe than sorry. Peter disagreed on their definitions of "okay" but complimented Michelangelo on talking them out of trouble rather than using violence. He opened a breach and they left. Bill was relieved they were gone because Peter gave him the creeps. After Darius Dun/The Collectors were trapped, Michelangelo confessed he kind wanted to go back to Zoo Amsterdam and visit the Ghostbusturtles. Nearly everyone exclaimed in shock except Egon Spengler. He found it fascinating.


  • Bill wears a ball cap.
  • Harold wears a hat and trench coat.
  • Dan wears wide googles.
  • The Rookie wears a pair of the Ghostbusturtles' Ecto Goggles.



IDW Comics


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