The Ghostbusturtles' Firehouse is the headquarters of the Ghostbusturtles in Zoo Amsterdam.


While in a parallel dimension of anthropomorphic animals, Peter Venkman was mistaken for a demon and captured by the Ghostbusturtles. Michelangelo tried to explain Peter was not an etity but they disagreed. One of them explained they would consult with City Hall, then atomize and store him safely. Michelangelo tailed their Turtle Van to the Firehouse a block away. He contemplated knocking them all out and freeing Peter because they had little time to waste but decided against it since they were innocent bystanders. Peter was laid down on a table in the basement. Michelangelo used his ninja training to infiltrate the Firehouse undetected and spooked Peter. Michelangelo couldn't get the Incapacitating Gel off Peter and was found out. The Ghostbusturtles believed Michelangelo was compromised by Peter and opened fire. Michelangelo easily dodged the streams and flipped around. Harold chided Bill for wrecking the lab. Michelangelo had enough.

Michelangelo simply dropped his nunchuks to the ground. They assumed the demon's hold was waning and elected Dan to talk to him. Dan demanded the entity to release its hold on Michelangelo and make itself visible. Listening to Dan, Peter realized he was an analogue of Ray. Michelangelo explained they were from two different dimensions on the run from something bad. Michelangelo concluded they were good people otherwise they would have taken out Peter from the start. Peter pointed out it was red tape that saved him. Michelangelo noticed none of them had their fingers on their triggers anymore then implored them to look at what was on Peter's back as further proof he was telling the truth. Harold realized it was a Proton Pack. Dan followed his gut and believed Michelangelo. But they ran a series of scans to verify it completely. As they walked out of the Firehouse, Dan apologized but Michelangelo understood they were doing their job. Peter disagreed but complimented Michelangelo on talking them out of trouble rather than using violence. He opened a breach and they left. Bill was relieved they were gone because Peter gave him the creeps.

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