Ghostly Interactions Rating System was used by the Ghostbusters in the 2016 movie. A full list was also provided in Ghostbuster's Handbook.


During the interview with Tour Guide Garrett, Abby asked what ranking the interaction was at. Ed Mulgrave Jr. noted that Garrett had called him sobbing that his pants were toast. It was debatable if it was a T3 or T4 if it was poop. Abby speculated it was a T3 if he really did soil himself.[1] Holtzmann speculated it was a T4 if poop was involved but she couldn't suss out if that was a result of the ghost or eating something weird.[2]


All these are copied from the Ghostbuster's Handbook.

T1: Witnesses report seeing an apparition but made no contact.

T2: Entity has interacted with humans. Beginning at this level, traces of ectoplasm can be found at the site of the haunting.

T3: The apparition was able to, through whatever means, inspire intense fear in a human. Witnesses may report excessive nightmares and paranoia following a T3 interaction.

T4: The ghost means harm to humans and may have tried throwing an object, starting a fire, causing a person to trip, etc.

T5: The entity is malevolent and has harmed and/or possessed a human. Ghosts who have committed T5 interactions are intensely powerful and should be dealt with carefully.


  • The rating system is posted up on a board by Kevin Beckman's desk in the Firehouse.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, on panel 5, to the left, on the black labels are terms used in the 2016 movie: T2 Apparition and T4 Apparition


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