The Ghostmobile is the primary transportation of the Ghost Smashers.


The Ghostmobile was first sighted outside the Lincoln Center, where the Ghost Smashers made their public debut. They waited at the car until the Ghostbusters showed up and "introduced" themselves.


The business phone number 1-800-BOO-BUST is displayed on the side of the car and the slogan "Service is Job One" is on the rear.


  • The license plate "BTH BALL" references "Be the ball," a quote from Chevy Chase's character, Ty Webb, on Caddyshack. Ron Alexander is visually based on Chase.
  • The Ghost Smasher's car is all-black, this was the original concept for Ecto-1. It was pointed out the all black design was not feasible for filming at night and the concept was abandoned.
  • The Ghostmobile is based on a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5, below Kylie Griffin is the Ghostmobile.
  • On Cover A of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #7, the Ghostmobile is featured.


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