Goolem is mob family ghost, and works for his boss Scareface. Scareface's nephew Zugg works with him through out the three episodes they both appear on.


While on vacation, Goolem and Zugg manifest in New York City. They happen upon the Sedgewick Hotel and notice it only has a rating of three shrieks. Goolem decides to take over the hotel's paranormal residents by using Scareface's name and authority. Despite the ghosts' objections, they complied after Goolem forced Slimer off the 13th floor. Goolem soon escalated the number of hauntings in the Sedgewick. Slimer disguised himself as Scareface and attempted to relocated Goolem and Zugg to a new assignment, haunt the South Pole. Zugg realized that wasn't his uncle as he doesn't slime anyone. However, the real Scareface arrived and was accosted by Goolem. Scareface reassigned the duo to the South Pole.

Goolem and Zugg soon returned to New York in February to get revenge on Slimer by using a sleep potion. They kidnapped the Ghostbusters and planned on finishing off Slimer when he arrived for the hostages. Slimer put together a team of his friends to pull a rescue operation. During the stand off, Goolem breached a main water line and was shot into Chilly Cooper's ice cream truck. Goolem and Zugg were ejected into a harbor, bound for a return trip to the South Pole.

Goolem and Zugg still sought revenge and shipped themselves to New York just in time for Halloween. They became embroiled in Professor Dweeb's latest attempt to catch Slimer. However, Slimer tricked all three of them and used Dweeb's trans-dimensional easy lounger to transport the trio to the South Pole.


He is a rude bossy character that is very quick tempered and usually takes his anger out on others, especially Zugg.


Goolem can shoot bolts of energy from his eyes.


  • He was one of the few ghosts to be slimed by Slimer.



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