Gooper Ghost Figure: Sludge Bucket an action figure which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's Gooper Ghost sets.

The Gooper Ghost line also included Squisher and Banshee Bomber. Later, Kenner also released Green Ghost (Slimer) the same way as the fourth belated toy in the fourth wave.

One of the trademarks of this line was the Ecto-Plazm cans that came with these toys. Later, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Playmates followed this with playsets that came with Retromutagen Ooze, which was basically the same toy product. The idea of action figures and gel/slime might be trace back to He-man's toy line, however "Slime" was first sold by Mattel in 1976 as a stand alone toy product.

Toy Descriptions

Sludge Bucket
with Ecto-Plazm

Front of Card Notes

Blows a big Ecto-Plazm bubble!

Back of Card Instruction

1. When Sludge Bucket traps The Real Ghostbusters Hero figure in Ecto-Plazm, he really has a mouthful!
2. Pump the Sludge Bucket tail up and down to create huge Ecto-Plazm bubbles!
3. Sludge Bucket licks his chops following a tasty meal.

Sludge Bucket is a Gooper Ghost that holds the incredible Ecto-Plazm in his reservoir-like mouth. He may look innocent enough, but unsuspecting Real Ghostbusters had better beware! When the Sludge Bucket tail is pumped up and down, giant Ecto-Plazm bubbles begin to grow...and grow until all of a sudden -Pop!- the bubble burst gooping any of The Real Ghostbusters figures unlucky enough to have crossed his path. Afterwards, Sludge Bucket licks his chops in satisfaction. Will The Real Ghostbusters escape?! Only you can finish the adventure!!

Series Description

Description from Kenner Toy Fair Catalog 1987:
"I've been gooped!" That the usual response to an encounter with the Gooper Ghost. Each one comes with a 6 oz can of Ecto-Plazm Play Gel and has a unique way of "gooping" hero figures. Squisher has an upper jaw that can be pushed down to trap a hero in its mouth, simultaneously oozing Goop from his nose and mouth onto the hero. Banshee Bomber is flying ghost with flapping wings who drops Goop onto unsuspecting Ghostbusters as he flies overhead. Sludge Bucket has a mouth-big enough for a hero to fall into- which is actually a reservoir of Goop. This slovenly ghost's tail pumps air into his mouth, causing goop to bubble and run down his chin. Meanwhile, his tongue moves from side to side, licking his chops. Ages 4 and up.

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