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Gozer[1] is a primal god summoned to New York City to carry out its goal of destruction.


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Gozer was the first major threat faced by the Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters' uniforms absorbed a frightening amount of psychokinetic energy during the battle and needed to be destroyed.[2] They returned from the Firehouse and were given new uniforms by Janine Melnitz.[3] Egon tasked Peter with burning the uniforms but he procrastinated and the tainted uniforms ended up in a box next to the new Containment Unit. To make matters worse, there was a leak in the unit and more energy seeped onto the uniforms.[4] The uniforms manifested into the Spectral Ghostbusters and they attempted to replace the real Ghostbusters. Thanks to Slimer, the Ghostbusters were able to capture them. Since its defeat, Gozer was often used as a benchmark for the power levels of similar to other powerful entities such as Cathulhu, Proteus, and Murray the Mantis.

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Marvel Comics LtdEdit

After purchasing a new refrigerator for the Firehouse from Zuulusi, the Appliance of Supernatural Science, Janine Melnitz turned it on and encountered Gozer, Zuul and Vinz Clortho. Janine ran out the kitchen and closed the door but the Terror Dogs grabbed her through the door and pulled her back inside. Gozer was now present and demanded Janine chose a Destructor form. Janine refused and ordered Gozer to leave. Gozer was astonished Janine talked like that to a god. Janine tricked the Terror Dogs by playing fetch with a wooden spoon. She threw it into the refrigerator. They took the bait and ran after it, brushing past Gozer. While Gozer was distracted, Janine kicked Gozer into the refrigerator and turned the switch off.


While not appearing in the animated series, Gozer's had a presence in a way in two forms.

  • The first form was in "Citizen Ghost"
  • The second form is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. However, the Stay-Puft who appeared in the cartoon was a different entity than Gozer. One was a materialization of a child's dream, and the second was a hybrid of leftover Stay-Puft debris. The second lacked Gozer's essence and over time, became friendlier especially to Slimer.
  • A cartoon version of Gozer's face was one of the images used in the Kenner Ghost Zapper toy weapon.



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The Real Ghostbusters

Secondary CanonEdit

Marvel Comics Ltd- The Real Ghostbusters Series

IDW Comics


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