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Grand Central Station [1] (also known as Grand Central Terminal and Grand Central) is a commuter rail terminal station located in Midtown Manhattan. It was built by the New York Central Railroad and is the largest train station in the world by number of platforms (44) with 67 tracks along them.


When the Midnight Express from Trenton, New Jersey arrived at Grand Central Station, the ghost of Casey Jones manifested. He attempted to commandeer a train and found a vintage one he was familiar with. The Ghostbusters split up in pairs to track down Jones. Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz found him in a break room drinking coffee and tea but failed to capture him. Jones continued to elude them at the ticket booths and baggage room. Jones departed Grand Central with Peter Venkman as an unwilling accomplice. The Ghostbusters later confronted Marduk at Grand Central and convinced him to work with them to defeat Tiamat.

In 1997, Duophanes arrived at Grand Central around 4:00 am on a Sunday and took a conductor as his first victim. After he spent the day granting wishes, Duophanes returned to Grand Central and was about to leave when the Extreme Ghostbusters confronted and trapped him near Track 13.

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