"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Greaser Haunt was a 1950's-style ghost that came across a fast food restaurant called the Big Greaser.


The Greaser Haunt was attracted to the sound of the Big Greaser restaurant's music and emerged from a manhole entrance. He smashed several cars and scared all the patrons away. Greaser hid in the drive through speaker and ambushed Peter Venkman when he made an order. After splashing an apple turnover in Peter's face, the ghost possessed the Big Greaser statue. He was wrangled out and captured by the Ghostbusters after causing a lot of havoc.


The Greaser Haunt is very much like a stereotypical greaser from the 1950s.


He can fly and can bring inanimate objects to life, like the statue of the Big Greaser mascot.


The Real Ghostbusters