Grimlock[1] is one of the Autobots and is the leader of a sub-group known as the Dinobots.


Grimlock was on comm duty on The Ark when Ectronymous Diamatron made contact. Grimlock recognized his voice and bluntly asked what he wanted. Ectotron asked for Optimus Prime. Grimlock stated he was a warrior, not an errand boy. Optimus overhead and told him it was fine. Optimus decided to go to Earth see the ghost of Starscream for himself. Wheeljack thought it was a bad idea and admitted he thought Ectotron was always a little off. Grimlock declared he wasn't afraid of no ghosts. Wheeljack stated ghosts don't exist and believed there were too many variables on Earth. He volunteered to go instead. Optimus understood Wheeljack's concerns but reminded him how he supported his ideas, which others thought were crazy. Grimlock interjected he still thought Wheeljack was crazy. Optimus stated it was Ectotron's turn for his support but admitted he was curious about his report.


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