Gris-Gris is a powerful amulet in Voodoo lore believed to protect its owner from evil or brings good luck. It is usually in the form of a small cloth bag containing inscriptions from the Qur'an and number of small ritual objects.


The Real GhostbustersEdit

Mary Cuttie utilized Gris-Gris powder to temporarily disperse the ghosts of Malachi and his band but in the long run, it wasn't a final solution.

IDW ComicsEdit

During a summer case in New Orleans, Egon Spengler was given Gris-Gris by Marie Laveau for when he was ready to embrace love and truly live. For whatever reason, Egon kept it in one of his pockets instead of discarding it since he didn't believe in its power.

A year or so later, Egon decided to use the Gris-Gris on Janine Melnitz, who was encased in Yellow Slime. He believed direct contract would yield him more data to work with. The Gris-Gris had no effect on Janine but it did agitate the Draugar enough for three to appear in the Firehouse. They were insulted magic was used against them and it was magic intended to protect against evil spirits. Egon assured them it was done as a precaution.

Egon's Gris Gris was present on one of the tables in his apartment when he spoke with the other Ghostbusters over the phone about the Poveglia case.



The Real Ghostbusters

IDW Comics


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