The Grocery Specter was a ghost that haunted the Grocery Delicatessan supermarket.


The Grocery Specter terrorized patrons at the market and created a mess. When the Ghostbusters and Slimer arrived, it threw produce at them. It was easily busted by the Ghostbusters, but with a trap that Slimer accidentally broke and didn't tell the Ghostbusters about. Because the trap was broken, the ectoplasmic essence of the ghost started leaking out and possessing various inanimate objects, including the Containment Unit. The essence followed the Ghostbusters in an effort to reassemble itself.[2] Eventually, all of the objects possessed by the essence of the ghost were cleansed of the ectoplasmic matter with blasts of Proton Streams.

Objects Possessed

  • Elephant ride outside of supermarket
  • Parking Meter
  • Vending Machine
  • Equipment at a construction site
  • Janine's typewriter, staplers, and desk
  • Clothes Tree
  • Water Jug
  • Cabinet
  • Egon's lab equipment
  • A broom from the Firehouse's basement
  • Containment Unit


The Real Ghostbusters

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