Not to be confused with Gulper Ghost included with the Kenner's Egon classic hero action figure.

The Gulper Ghost is a ghost imprisoned by Egon Spengler at his apartment.


Shortly after Egon was injured by the Werecat Ghost at the United Nations Building, he asked Kylie Griffin to bring him some data and books. While Egon evaded Kylie's curiosity, she noticed the Gulper Ghost in a Paranormal Containment Research Tank. It appeared to be in an agitated state. The ghost banged on the tank glass and interrupted Egon's recording of his Rauoskinna research. Egon scolded the ghost and reiterated he couldn't get past the charged polymer. Egon then issued a threat and said even if it escaped, his security system would automatically transmit the psychokinetic disturbance to the Firehouse and it would be recaptured and placed into the Containment Unit. The ghost responded with a gesture Egon was unaware it knew.

Suspicious of Loftur Þorsteinsson, Egon released the ghost. It flew right into Loftur and slimed him then exited the apartment. Loftur was mostly disgusted. Egon admitted he grew tired of the smelly ghost and but thought Loftur was a coward for manipulating the Ghostbusters into getting him the Rauoskinna.



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