The Gypsy Witch [1] is a psychic based out of the East Village who performs palm and tarot card reading for her clients.


In the late 1980s, the Gypsy Witch appeared on an episode of "The World of the Psychic" hosted by Peter Venkman. They struck up a friendship but Peter never called on account he was busy saving the world or something. Years later, during New Years Eve, he and Special Agent Melanie Ortiz paid a visit to the psychic's business at First Avenue and East 6th Street. She assured them she checked in the morning and the world wasn't ending anytime soon. Peter was about to ask her to check on where Rodefhiri was going to strike when she already guessed the request. She was possessed and the possessor spoke through her and revealed Rodefhiri was coming to the Town Square during the Feast of Silvester to take New York's future. The entity left her body and the Gypsy Witch passed out on a table.


The Gypsy Witch appears to be a legitimate psychic.


IDW Comics


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