Hagost The Horrible is a South American deity. His power comes from the Crystal of Hagost, which has been inserted in a box of Flakey Jake Barley Flakes cereal.


According to Books of Occult Lore

"Deity little-known demon-worship cult of prehistoric South America. Indications of a link to agriculture, especially the cultivation of cane sugar. No evidence of cult activity after 2500 B.C."

Summary Of Events

Gigantic Demonic Muscular Arms "Attack"

"These are Hagost's right-hand... hands. They handle his dirty work, and Hagost finds them very handy when tossing people into blue lights.

There are as many arms as you need. Enough for an army, in fact. More can spring up as needed, though you don't want to overwhelm your unarmed players and have them think their actions have no effect on the outcome.

The blue arms can be alarmingly cute when not attacking people.

(We sincerely apologize for the excessive use of puns in the preceding section. We assure you it won't happen again. The persons responsible have been disarmed, handcuffed, and shot.)"


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