Harlan Bojay is a bum on the streets of New York. He is friends with fellow bum Robert Learned Coombs. He doesn't appear in the movie Ghostbusters, However he is in Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular which is a novelization of the movie.


Secondary Canon


Harlan Bojay was a jockey until age twenty-four. He gained forty-five pounds and four inches in height. That was 35 years ago and he still was unemployed.

IDW Comics

In 1984, Harlan and Robert were chased by the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe while he was in the form of several ravens. They ran past the Washington Square Arch just as the Ghostbusters arrived. In the 90s, Harlan sat on the curb in front of Casey J's Coffee and Books near Delgado's Gym as Egon Spengler arrived to take some readings. The next year, on the night of Day of the Dead, Harlan was in Bushwick at the intersection of Central Avenue and Bleecker Street. The next year, in the spring, Robert and Harlan were on the Upper West Side near Dana's apartment one evening when Peter Venkman suddenly pulled up by them on Ecto-5. They were not pleased.


Harlan Bojay is an older man that doesn't seem to care about much.

Appearance in Deleted scene

Harlan Bojay is portrayed by Bill Murray in a deleted scene of Ghostbusters, however his traits seem somewhat different from the novel. He is not heavy in the movie, but his partner Robert Learned Combs is.


Secondary Canon


Secondary Canon

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