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Hart Island [1] is a small island at the western end of Long Island Sound in the Bronx borough.


Hart Island was sold to New York City in 1869. It served as a Union prison camp during the Civil War. After the war, the island served multiple purposes from a lunatic asylum, a tuberculosis sanitarium, potter's field, boy's reformatory and missile base. It currently serves as burial grounds for those who go unclaimed or whose family can't afford a private burial. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people have been buried atop each other. Most have had unfinished business. [2]

A couple weeks after the Ghostbusters' first battle with Tiamat, Vigo escaped his painting and incited a P.K.E. surge on Hart Island. Through his abilities, Vigo awakened the dead and forced them to serve as his army. The Ghostbusters, aided by their support staff, the Chicago Ghostbusters, and the Ghost Smashers, took the Marine Ecto-8 to Hart Island. To make matters worse, Ray Stantz began to suffer mental episodes where he conversed with the latent spirit of Gozer. The Ghostbusters raced to the potter's field and found Vigo gloating over his army's rapid growth, including that of the Scoleri Brothers. Special Agent Melanie Ortiz took the first shot and nailed Vigo in the face. Joined by the others, the firefight began in earnest.

The conflict came to end when Winston used Ray's Slime Blower on the Hart Island Ghosts. Once free, they swarmed Vigo and he was somehow forced back into his painting at the Firehouse. The ghosts then promised they only wanted to go back to rest and wouldn't trouble the Ghostbusters anymore. The Ghostbusters promptly left the island on Marine Ecto-8.


Hart Island is approximately one mile long and one quarter of a mile wide.


  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, the third image is from Volume 2 Issue #17, page 16 panel 3, during the Hart Island battle against Vigo. Abby Yates appeared in place of Ray just before he entered another trance state.


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