The Hart Island Ghosts are the ghosts of hundreds of thousands buried under a potter's field on Hart Island.


Ever since its days as a Union prison camp during the Civil War, Hart Island has been a mass burial site. Prisoners of war, mental patients, and victims of tuberculosis were buried over the century. It currenly serves as burial grounds for those who go unclaimed or whose family can't afford a private burial. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people have been buried atop each other. Most have had unfinished business. [1]

In the weeks following the Ghostbusters' first encounter with Tiamat, the ghosts of Hart Island were summoned and conscripted into an army by Vigo after he suddenly vanished from his painting in the Firehouse. [2] A spike in P.K.E. activity drew the Ghostbusters to Hart Island. Shortly after they arrived, a vortex of the ghosts appeared. The Ghostbusters opened fire on Vigo but in a surprise turn, the ghosts took hold of the Proton Streams and pulled them off him. Winston recognized the ghosts' role in protecting Vigo and fired the Slime Blower at him. The ghosts shielded Vigo and were hit with the positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. As a result, the ghosts were freed from Vigo's control. They immediately swarmed him like a school of hungry piranha. Vigo's left hand was soon reduced to a skeleton and he himself was lost within the ghosts. The ghosts turned their attention to the Ghostbusters and requested they leave the island. They only wanted to sleep in peace and promised they would cause no more trouble.


  • The four ghosts near Vigo on page 12 of Volume 2 Issue #17 are from the purple Ecto-Plazm from Kenner.


IDW Comics


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