The Haunted F-14 is an F-14 Tomcat possessed by a skeleton pilot and animated during the "Runaway Romance" play.


Broadway producer Blintzy Jones believed in over the top special effects for plays he worked on. For "Runaway Romance," he had an actual F-14 Tomcat brought on the stage during a number. This was purported to be the biggest and most expensive stunt in theater history. The ghost of Francis Frum had other ideas. His pure rage over the abuses made in the production of this play generated a tremendous amount of psychokinetic energy and allowed for an apparition to manifest. A skeleton pilot took the helm and the jet itself animated and shot at the crowd. Luckily, the Ghostbusters were in the crowd and exorcised the jet. Ray Stantz took an initiative and modified the F-14. He armed it with Proton Pack technology. The upgrade came in handy against a pair of Animated Curtains. Peter Venkman wasn't pleased and took money out of Ray's pay to cover the modification costs.


Ray performed a spectral analysis of the jet's Ectoplasmic Residue with the Slime Analyzer and determined the entity was a Class 5 Psychokinetic Disturbance.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 1


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