Haunted Human Figure: Tombstone Tackle Ghost is an action figure which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's Haunted Humans set. It featured Tombstone Tackle, a ghoul with an alligator head and eyes in his back, and a tongue with a football on the end.

The Haunted Human set also included Terror Trash, Granny Gross, Mail Fraud, Hard Hat Horror, and X-Cop. Later, Kenner also released two Haunted Vehicles, which had a human and vehicle that changed into ghosts/monsters. The two Haunted Vehicle sets: Air Sickness, and Wicked Wheelie.

Toy Descriptions

Tombstone Tackle Ghost

Front of Card Instruction

Change Football Player into Awesome Tombstone Tackle!

Back of Card Instruction

1. Bend figure and push head down to raise upper jaw and expose mouth. To open eyes, start by pushing eyes up from inside mouth. Then rotate eyes all the way up with fingers.
2. Move head up and down to activate pigskin tongue motion.

Series Description

Description from Action Toy Guide
Each of these action figures looks like ordinary people. But watch out! They change into Haunted Humans.

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