Hedylogos is the Greek god of flattery.


Hedylogos manifested above the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. It generated many Compliment Sprites who simply flattered the local population with affirmations, compliments, and suggestions. Soon, Hedylogos' presence induced a state of intoxication on those within its range of influence. Those not willful enough started to go through with any idea suggested by the sprites, good or bad. As a result, chaos ensued. On September 14, Hedylogos was opposed by Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, Egon Spengler, Janine Melnitz, and Lou Kamaka. By this time, Hedylogos' influence had extended outward in all directions for nearly a mile and was continuing to spread. Its influence had tripled. The Ghostbusters began by blasting and dispersing the sprites. The remaining sprites went on the defensive and suggested to the thralls that the Ghostbusters were romantically interested in them. The thralls mobbed the Ghostbusters and attacked each other. Lou commandeered a police cruiser and lured the thralls away from Hedylogos' influence by promising them "as many Ghostbusters as they could get their hands on." Once out of the influence zone, they peacefully dispersed. The Ghostbusters attacked Hedylogos with negatively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. It caused Hedylogos visible pain, disrupted its influence, and weakened its P.K.E. significantly. It was trapped.

In total, during the window of Hedylogos' manifestation, incidents of driving under the influence (DUI) and assault were quadruple the local average. Property damage was on par with an average small riot (more specifically, the sort connected to a major sports team winning or losing a national championship). Luckily, there were no fatalities. Ectoplasm left from Hedylogos was collected by Egon for experimental purposes. Melanie Ortiz suggested the local law enforcement be made aware it was possible the leftover Psychomagnotheric Slime might cause a temporary spike in St. Louis' violent crime rate.


Hedylogos can intoxicate human beings by its mere presence. After certain intervals of time from its manifestation, Hedylogos' range of influence extends outward in all directions as well as the speed of which its influence increases. The feeling of intoxication was described as a "buzz" gotten from consuming alcohol. Egon theorized Hedylogos' power was similar in nature to pheromones since it was confirmed to be tied to the sense of smell. Those with a strong enough will or someone simply using a filtered mask could resist the effects.


Hedylogos is a Class 7 and a Minor Demon. Its P.K.E. reading in St. Louis was measured as 00021.63 on the high spectrum.

Based OnEdit

In Greek mythology, Hedylogos is one of the winged love gods known as the Erotes. He represented sweet-talk and flattery. While not mentioned in existing literature, Hedylogos and his brother Pothos were depicted on 5th century Greek vases drawing Aphrodites' chariot.


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