Hel [1] is the Norse goddess of the underworld, daughter of Loki and sister to Fenrisulfr and Jormungandr.


Long, long ago, a group of Vikings sought aid from the gods for passage to Valhalla. Only Hel answered. In exchange for her aid, Hel proposed a wager. Once a decade, she would test the bravery of their descendants by sending the ghost of the Grendel to face them. If the descendant failed, Hel would claim their soul. If after 1000 years, more of their kin had failed than succeeded, she would claim all their souls.

In the present, the latest descendant Janine Melnitz violated the test by seeking advice from Kylie Griffin and trapping the Grendel. Unable to summon it back, Hel could no longer preside over the wager and the Vikings would be forever stuck as Draugar. They decided to try and offer Janine's soul to Hel to be forgiven of their debt. Once Egon pointed out the flaws in their plan, the Draguar decided to kill him and Roger Baugh then offer their souls, too.


As described in some accounts, Hel looks like a woman whose body is alive on the right half and half-dead and rotting on the left.


IDW Comics


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