The Hellspawner is powerful demonic entity.


Spooks Away, a rival company of the Ghostbusters, used a Prediction Engine fueled by entities to see the future and steal equipment before it was built. Ray Stantz pretended to join the team so he could spy on them. Brad came through with a Class 8 Pandimensional Hellspawner. Ray remarked they would need a super-powerful containment unit to hold it. Saul was amused and showed him where they stored the captured entities, the Prediction Engine. After the Hellspawner was added, a new glimpse into the future was generated on the screen. It was 24 hours later of Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore blasting a Penguin Ghost at the Bronx Zoo.


The Hellspawner is a Class 8 Pandimensional Hellspawner.[1]



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