Highway 287 is a stretch of the U.S. Route highway located south of Laramie, Wyoming.


The ghost of Edward Quinn manifested on Highway 287 in a confused state. He wandered around. Motorists reported a "red-eyed man dressed as a cowboy." About a week later, a large herd of Ghost Buffalo manifested and chased after Quinn. Anything in their path was destroyed. The Ghost Buffalo ran rammed several cars off the road and/or trampled them. Several motorists suffered concussions and broken bones. The Denver FBI field office received several reports of various traffic accidents. A semi-truck was overturned and several smaller vehicles were totaled. Special Agent Delgado filed the reports.

Special Agent Melanie Ortiz contracted Ron Alexander, Dani Shpak, and Lou Kamaka to help deal with the case. Since Quinn became difficult to track down, they attempted to capture the buffalo on October 30. Whenever one was wrangled, the rest of herd would come to its defense. The New York branch helped ascertain the pattern to Quinn's manifestation and he was trapped. The buffalo did not dissipate as theorized. Melanie requisitioned a helicopter and lowered a Megatrap and the Trap holding Quinn. Quinn was released and the buffalo charged after him. The Megatrap was opened and all entities were captured.



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