The Holland Tunnel [1] is a tunnel located underneath the Hudson River. It links up Manhattan, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey.


In search of a Troll, Egon Spengler suggested the Holland Tunnel as a suitable dark and narrow place for a Troll to hide in. He and Peter Venkman drove to the tunnel in Ecto-1 and were stuck in the usual traffic. They spotted the Troll several cars ahead in the back of a truck juggling fruit. Egon and Peter tried to hit it high and low but the Troll jumped onto a passing ice cream truck in the lane heading back to Manhattan.

In 1997, all vehicles tainted with gasoline by the Campucho headed down the Holland Tunnel back to the Hudson River Oil Refinery to reunite its ecto energies with the entity.


The Real Ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters


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