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Hollywood [1] is the home of the U.S. film industry.


In 1932, actress Peg Entwistle committed suicide by jumping off the "H" of the Hollywoodland sign. Two months later, a trio of actresses known as The Fayne Sisters followed suit. They left a suicide note but the Los Angeles Police Department decided not to release anything more than the barest details to the press as a preemptive attempt to prevent a trend from starting.

In early November, the "LAND" letters returned to the Hollywood sign as a flaming manifestation that floated five feet in the air. Over the following nights, the ghosts of the Fayne Sisters manifested near Hollywood's Chinese Theater. They asked people in unison, "Do you know who I am?" When people didn't answer in correctly, the ghosts lost their temper and usually knocked the person down. Occasionally, a small crack formed in the Chinese Theater's windows. Special Agent Melanie Ortiz was notified by the Los Angeles Field Office. On November 11, Melanie confronted the ghosts with Lou Kamaka and Dani Shpak. They attempted to establish a dialogue in order to influence a peaceful passing. They couldn't answer the ghosts' question and were knocked down. Melanie called Kylie Griffin in New York. Two days later, Kylie identified them as the Fayne Sisters from "Mike Dodd's Los Angeles Guide to the Dead." Melanie, Lou, and Dani encountered the sisters again and correctly identified them. They were pleased but did not peacefully dissipate. They then asked what the name of the only movie they worked was. Lou failed to name it. They knocked them and several tourists down and pushed a parked car onto Hollywood Boulevard then altered a square of concrete in front of the Chinese Theater to include their names and handprints. Tourists immediately started to take pictures. Melanie, Lou, and Dani trapped the sisters. Before leaving the state, they went to Mount Lee to verify the LAND letters had disappeared. Dani was startled by an encounter with the ghost of Peg Entwistle. She vanished as soon as she was noticed. Advanced rust on the sign was observed.

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