The Horror House Ghosts are a group of entities who inhabit a modest home in New York City.


Something of a local legend, a haunted house somewhere in New York City is home to many minor ghosts and three more sentient ghosts. They reside primarily in the attic but are not tied to it and can roam throughout the residence. In the 1980s, Feeny Muscleberg, a director, decided to film the movie "Horror House" at this residence for authenticity. During the filming of a scene, the lead ghost Joe examined the shooting script. Joe voiced his displeasure with the movie's predictable ending for the ghostly villain to the other ghosts.

All of the ghosts descended to the main floor and attacked the set. They scared off actor Gil Hamstrung, Feeny, and most of the crew. Artie Grendel, the producer, was smitten with the ghosts in action and wanted to keep filming them. Luckily, the Ghostbusters were already on site as consultants. They donned their equipment and trapped all of the lesser entities, despite Artie Grendel's offer to rent them out. Grendel secretly saved the three more sentient ghosts. Two Ghost Traps were used to capture the lesser entities.


The Horror House Ghosts have the standard abilities of ghosts such as flight and intangibility.


The Horror House Ghosts possess some sentience and ability to speak but were not as intelligent as the Ghost Actors.


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