The Hudson River Oil Refinery [2] is oil refinery plant located on the Hudson River in New Jersey.


In the late 1960s, an oil well was discovered and a refinery was built. However, Campucho slumbering underground was disturbed and began haunting the area to chase off the humans. Eventually, the workers refused to work anymore and the refinery was shut down and abandoned. [3] Over 30 years later, the Hudson River Oil Refinery was restarted and the crude oil was disturbed again. During the night of a full moon, Campucho caused an electrical incident and tried to scare off the workers.

Campucho eventually caused the facility to undergo a combustion. Firefighters were called in but the refinery was already destroyed. The Extreme Ghostbusters learned of the refinery's problems and took a witness statement and some P.K.E. readings. Campucho summoned its Oil Mine Ghost Remnants back to the refinery and absorbed its ecto energies. The Ghostbusters followed the remnants and used liquid detergent to neutralize its exterior then trapped it.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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