Huge Spider is the boss of Level 9: Lair of the Huge Spider in Ghostbustes: Sanctum of Slime.


While the team tries to return to the Firehouse after a return trip to the Sedgewick Hotel, another fissure opens up and swallows Ecto-4WD. Gabriel Sitter attributes the cause to the shards of the Relic of Nilhe. As the junior team navigates the sewers, the Huge Spider sends a wave of arachnid manifestations after them. They eventually confront the Huge Spider.

At first, the entity keeps a stationary position. It has the standard ability to summon lesser entities and to secrete a web-like substance that causes temporary paralysis upon contact. Eventually, the Huge Spider becomes mobile and marches around the room. The junior team eventually traps it in the battle's finale but is encountered again at the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital.

Manifestation Points



  1. Level 9 Dialogue


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