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IDW Publishing Comics- Displaced Aggression 2 is the second issue in a four part Ghostbusters comic book mini series by IDW Publishing Comics.


Part 2: "A Ray By Any Other Name..." Peter and Rachel (the newest Ghostbuster) arrive in the days of King Arthur, only to learn his trusted advisor Merlin has been replaced by... a bearded, sword-wielding Dr. Ray Stantz! All that and the ghost of Morgan LeFey, too! [2]





Peter and Rachel arrive in the Middle Ages, but are attacked by King Arthur. Arthur lets them go when they tell him that they are friends of Ray Stantz. Ray at first believes the two to be wraiths trying to deceive him, but King Arthur tells him otherwise. After dispatching many dragon ghosts, they learn that King Arthur's half sister Morgan Le Fay was the one behind the dragon ghost attacks. Peter Venkman defeats her by making her believe that he and the other Ghostbusters have given up, and that he loves her. After getting close enough to her, Venkman removes his Proton Pack and sets it to overload, destroying Morgan Le Fay. Peter, Ray, and Rachel then proceed to find and rescue Egon.


  • Peter mentions Rachel's connection to Egon from a course at Columbia University, where Peter, Ray, and Egon were formerly employed.
  • Ray mentions Egon never taught at Columbia since the Ghostbusters battled Vigo years ago.
  • King Arthur mentions Merlin.



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