IDW Publishing Comics- Displaced Aggression 3 is the third issue in a four part Ghostbusters comic book mini series by IDW Publishing Comics.


Part 3: "Here Today, Egon Tomorrow." When Peter, Ray and Rachel arrive in the near-distant future on a Mars colony where they've located the chronologically displaced Dr. Egon Spengler, they discover the base is under the thumb of an imposing and mostly benevolent dictator - Egon himself! It's Ghostbuster vs. Ghostbuster... with the fate of modern-day Earth in the balance! [2]





Peter Venkman, Rachel Unglighter, and Ray Stantz go to the futuristic world, where Egon reigns supreme as The Great Defender. Peter Venkman has little choice but to knock Egon unconscious. By the time the Ghostbusters return to their proper time, Egon regains consciousness and returns to his senses. Winston is still there fighting against all the ghosts, and the world has been left in hellish, apocalyptic ruins thanks to Koza'Rai's reign with the absence of the Ghostbusters.


  • Peter notes Ray reads too much comics, much like his animated counterpart.
  • Peter mentions a seance.
  • Egon's role as the Great Defender mirrors the Wizard of Oz.


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