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Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: The Real Ghostbusters is the second issue of a mini-series by IDW Publishing.


THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS keep losing business to a flashy new rival ghost-catching company: SPOOKS AWAY! They seem to have better gear, better threads... better everything! In face, Spooks Away seems determined to ruin the RGB. But there's something far more sinister than a hostile takeover going on here, and it's up to Ray Stantz to go undercover to find out who - or what - is behind Spook Away's rise to supernatural elimination superstardom.[2]


Big Baby Ghost

Peter Venkman

Ray Stantz

Egon Spengler

Winston Zeddemore

Spooks Away

Mrs. Pumpernickel

Glorp Attacker Ghost

Three Headed Ghost

Mail Fraud Ghost

Red Dragon Ghost

Janine Melnitz


Eldon Bromo


Penguin Ghost

Kylie Griffin





Proton Pack

Particle Thrower

P.K.E. Meter


Spooks Away Packs

Spooks Away Truck


Prediction Engine

Who's Who in the Spirit World



Pumpernickel Kindergarten

Glorp Factory


Spooks Away Facility

Bronx Zoo


On December 11, 2018, Tom Waltz put together 2019 publishing plans for Ghostbusters.[3] He teased a rough thumb for the incentive cover and uncolored RE cover.[4][5]

On December 14, 2018, Tom Waltz posted more information and covers about the series. In celebration of the 35th Anniversary, the mini-series is a four issue weekly event in April 2019, featuring 4 different Ghostbusters teams in adventures written and illustrated by 4 different creative teams.[6]The RE cover, now colored, as also posted.[7] Issue #2 releases April 10, 2019 starring The Real Ghostbusters written by Cavan Scott, art by Marcelo Ferreira, and colors by Luis Antonio Delgado. Cover A was revealed.[8]

On December 16, 2018, Dan Schoening posted the rough thumbnail of the RE cover.[9]

On January 3, 2019, Tom Waltz posted the pre-color version of the Cover RI.[10]

On January 8, 2019, Cavan Scott wrote.[11]

On January 11, 2019, Tom Waltz posted the April solicit.[12]

On January 18, 2019, Tom Waltz posted the colored RI as part of the interconnected image.[13]

On January 22, 2019, Tom Waltz posted a wip of the Ghostbusters confronting a crying ghost.[14]

On January 24, 2019, Tom Waltz posted a wip of the Egon and Peter.[15]

On January 30, 2019, Tom Waltz posted an uncolored page.[16]

On February 4, 2019, Tom Waltz posted a wip of the Ghostbusters at breakfast.[17]

On February 25, 2019, Tom Waltz posted a colored panel taking place in Ecto-1.[18]

On February 26, 2019, Tom Waltz posted a colored panel of Winston grabbing Ray and Peter.[19]

On April 5, 2019, a full page was posted by Tom Waltz featuring Ray being recruited.[20]

On April 8, 2019, a five page preview was posted.[21]

On April 9, 2019, Luis Delgado posted two colored panels of Slimer sliming Saul.[22]

On April 10, 2019, Luis Delgado posted two more colored panels of ghosts being released.[23]

On April 11, 2019, Luis Delgado posted a colored panel of the Ghostbusters watching a giant ghost burst out a building.[24]

On April 12, 2019, Luis Delgado posted a group shot of the Ghostbusters and Slimer.[25]

On July 15, 2019, IDW announced all four convention cover variants would be sold as a bundle during San Diego Comic Con at Booth 2729.[26]


  • The Diamond Order Code is FEB190640.
  • Cover RE
  • Credits
    • The covers are mistakenly from the third issue of the mini-series, Answer The Call, in the preview pages only.
  • Page 2
  • Page 3
  • Page 4
    • The mobile has figures of Samhain, Slimer, and Mooglie.
  • Page 5
    • The next location is at the Glorp Factory. The Glorp! brand featured in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Station Identification" as one of the minor ghosts that attacks the Ghostbusters.
    • The factory's street location is named after J. Michael Straczynski, story editor and writer on The Real Ghostbusters, and Richard Mueller, one of the writers on The Real Ghostbusters.
  • Page 7
    • The montage is similar to The Real Ghostbusters episodes "Ghosts R Us" and "Robo-Buster" when a similar rival company starts busting ghosts taking all of the Ghostbusters' gigs away.
    • The ghost caught on Wednesday is Mail Fraud Ghost from Kenner's toyline.
  • Page 9
  • Page 11
    • The Ghostbusters are in their pajamas from:
      • Winston's is from "Troll Bridge"
      • Egon's is from "Troll Bridge"
      • Ray's loosely matches one from "Spacebusters"
      • Peter's is from "Spacebusters"
    • Eldon Bromo and ABS News first appeared in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Egon on the Rampage".
    • Saul mentions the Ghostbusters' capture of Slimer at the Sedgewick Hotel in 1984.
  • Page 12
    • Egon clarifies Slimer is a Class 5.
  • Page 13
  • Page 14
  • Page 15
    • There is a cameo of Kylie and Egon from the Extreme Ghostbusters era.
      • The cameo also confirms a version of Extreme Ghostbusters takes place in Dimension 68-R, the dimension designated for The Real Ghostbusters in the IDW canon.
    • The Ghostbusters' technology was also copied in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Robo-Buster" but in this case, the difference is the designs were stolen from future rather than the present.
    • After Ray sabotages the Prediction Engine, there is a common misspelling of his last name as "Stanz" when Saul asks him what he was doing.
  • Page 16
    • The busted ghosts, including Slimer, combine into a giant mega ghost much like The Real Ghostbusters episode "Robo-Buster".
    • Peter makes a crack about New Jersey.
  • Page 20

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