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Ghostbusters International 11 is the eleventh issue of Volume Three of the ongoing series by IDW Publishing.


We're back in the City That Never Sleeps for the final battle between the Ghostbusters and a rogue immortal who wants nothing more than control over the legions of Hell and dominion over the whole world! (which sounds like Tuesday to us.) If they save the world, will the Ghostbusters ever venture beyond the five boroughs again without a massive retainer? Find out in the GHOSTBUSTERS INTERNATIONAL terrifyingly fun grand finale! [1]


Issue #11

Officer Mike

Jenny Moran

Erland Vinter

Loftur Þorsteinsson

Winston Zeddemore

Special Agent Melanie Ortiz

Kylie Griffin

Ray Stantz

Peter Venkman

Egon Spengler/Animated

Janine Melnitz

Hell's Demons

The Devil


Egon Spengler

Kevin Tanaka

Haunted America Case Files

Special Agent Melanie Ortiz

Lou Kamaka

Ron Alexander

Servant Girl Ghost

Skinless Man


Issue #11


Proton Pack

Particle Thrower

Slime Blower

Proton Pistol

P.K.E. Meter

Proton Pack/Animated


Compact Pack


Psychokinetic Defibrillator

Aura Video-Analyzer

Latent Image Sensor

Haunted America Case Files

Proton Pack

Particle Thrower



Issue #11

Psychomagnotheric Slime


Issue #11


Ley Lines: of North America



Issue #11

Central Park

Ritz Cafe


Craig Liath


Haunted America Case Files

Bayfront Festival Park

Fairlawn Mansion


On August 21, 2016, the Issue #11 logline and regular cover, depicting the Ghostbusters in Hell, appeared on page 10 of IDW's November solicit on Issu.[2]

On August 24, 2016, Issue #11 was included in the November solicitations.[3]

On September 21, 2016, Dan Schoening was currently thumbnailing Issue #11.[4]

On October 1, 2016, Dan Schoening confirmed the figure on the regular cover is not based on Mayhem from the recent 2016 movie but it is based on a particular demon.[5]

On October 2, 2016, Dan Schoening hinted the said demon is a character on the cover of a Ghostbusters novel.[6]

On October 3, 2016, Dan Schoening confirmed the landscape was a little homage to the concept of Hell described in the Ghostbusters III: Hellbent script.[7]

On October 23, 2016, on the Interdimensional Crossrip Podcast recorded October 19, Dan Schoening revealed he just wrapped work on Issue #11.[8]

On October 26, 2016, Erik Burnham confirmed Issue #11 is the last issue of the International series but reaffirmed there will be more Ghostbusters after it, the Annual 2017 included.[9]

On November 15, 2016, Dan Schoening posted a teaser of police and Ecto-1 parked outside Central Park.[10]

On November 25, 2016, Erik Burnham posted a teaser of Hell.[11] Burnham admitted he rewrote the script after seeing Dan Schoening's cover. [12]

On November 29, 2016, a cover, credits, and 5 page preview was posted.[13]

On August 22, 2017, Luis Delgado posted an unlettered version of page 11.[14]


  • The Diamond Order Code is SEP160445.
  • Regular Cover
    • In the bottom left, the sigil is for summoning Abyss, Lord of Chaos.
    • In the bottom left is the Hraethigaldur rune used to cause fear in an enemy.
    • In the bottom left, Beelzebub is referenced. He is one of the seven princes of Hell and Lord of the Flies.
    • In the bottom right, Luke Sifler is referenced. He was the principal villain in the unproduced Ghostbusters movie, Ghostbusters III: Hellbent.
    • In the bottom center, Manhellton is referenced. It was a location in the unproduced Ghostbusters movie, Hell Bent.
    • In the bottom center, Boo York is referenced. It was an alternate New York populated with ghosts featured in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Flip Side"
    • The hellish landscape is an homage to the concept in the unproduced Ghostbusters movie, Hell Bent.
    • The silhouette of the Devil under the Ghostbusters title is visually based on Xanthador, the principle villain in the novel, Ghostbusters: The Return.
    • Erik Burnham rewrite the script after he saw the regular cover.
  • Subscription Cover
    • Melanie Ortiz appears on the cover at the gates of the Fairlawn Mansion.
  • Credits Page
    • The image re-used is from page 8, panel 6 of this issue.
  • What Came Before! Page
    • The recap mentions when Loftur dispersed Egon at the end of Issue #7.
    • The first image is re-used from Ghostbusters International #10, page 13, panel 2.
    • The Ghostbusters Get Real mini series is mentioned.
    • The second image is re-used from Ghostbusters International #10, page 4, panel 1.
    • The recap heavily summarizes the events of Issues #8 to #10.
  • Page 1
    • The issue opens at the Central Park entrance at Warner LeRoy Place and Central Park West near W 67th Street.
    • In panel 1, Ecto-1 is on the right obscured by the police car.
    • In panel 2, Mike appears to be Restaurant Cop No.1 from Armand's in Ghostbusters II.
    • In panel 2, once more, Jenny is wearing her Ghost Smashers flight suit.
    • In panel 2, Jenny alludes to the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission.
    • In panel 3, Luis Antonio Delgado's 15 easter egg appears on the speed limit sign as 15 miles per hour.
      • The speed limit in reality is 20 miles per hour.
    • In panel 3, the license plate of the police car is "1984" - a nod to the first movie's release.
    • Introduced at the end of last issue, Umpire Rock is a protrusion of exposed bedrock located on the West Side at 63rd Street just south of the Hecksher Ballfields.
    • Loftur comments they are right on time. Last issue, he issued the midnight meet time to Ray.
  • Page 2
    • Like in Ghostbusters II, Ray and Winston are wearing the Slime Blowers.
    • Melanie is packing the Proton Pistol, originally used by Winston starting in Ghostbusters: Infestation. It was last used in Annual 2015 by Winston in the dream state.
    • Once again, Egon from The Real Ghostbusters has the Destabilizer from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Egon's Ghost"
    • Janine is wearing the Compact Pack. She last seen using it in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Issue #4.
    • Loftur culled Erland Vinter's body last issue.
    • Loftur is holding his Ley Lines book from last issue, a nod to the book from the Ghostbusters (2016 Movie).
    • In panel 5, in the background behind Loftur is the Hampshire House at 150 Central Park South.
  • Page 3
    • In panel 2, the rune Loftur casts is the Ægishjálmur (or Helm of Awe) - said to protect against abuse of power or induce fear
    • In panel 3, Jenny uses the page from the Rauoskinna she almost read on page 17 of Ghostbusters International #10
    • In panel 5, part of the Tavern on the Green can be seen.
      • In Volume 2 Issue #1, Peter and Melanie were on their way to the Tavern, renamed the Ritz Cafe after a recurring location in the Slimer! animated series.
  • Page 4
    • Peter calls Loftur "Snorri" after Snorri Sturluson, author of the prose "Edda"
    • Loftur remarks the veil to beyond is thinnest in Central Park. This was previously experienced in the finales of Ghostbusters: The Video Game and Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression, IDW's second mini-series.
  • Page 5
    • Peter jokes they're in New Jersey and they just need to catch the 495, the highway from New Jersey to New York.
    • As in Volume 2 Issue #9, Winston's faith and cross protected him from the Devil. His absence here is related as he has the strongest faith among the Ghostbusters. [15]
  • Page 6
    • In panel 3, the Devil's form is visually inspired by Xanthador from Ghostbusters: The Return
  • Page 8
    • In panel 3, on the bottom right of the contract is the Satan Cross, the double cross over the infinity symbol.
  • Page 9
    • Ray mentions Dante and Virgil, the principal characters of "Dante's Inferno" where Hell was said to be located underneath Jerusalem and described as a funnel that extended all the way to the center of the Earth.
  • Page 10
    • The Devil's human form appears to be visually inspired by Brad Pitt from "Meet Joe Black"
    • The Devil mentions Stingy Jack and the encounter from Volume 2 Issue #9
  • Page 11
  • Page 12
    • The giant demon is a depiction of Lucifer. In "Dante's Inferno," it was believed:
      • Lucifer crashed headfirst into Earth after his rebellion in Heaven failed and he became stuck in Cocytus at the bottom of Hell.
      • Cocytus turned into a perpetual frozen lake thanks to his flapping wings.
      • He is depicted with three faces, each chewing on a sinner. Judas was chewed by the middle head and Brutus and Cassius, killers of Julius Caesar, were hanging out of the mouths of the heads on the left and right.
      • There are four types of sinners in the lake.
        • The Caina or traitors to kin are submerged heads down.
        • The Ptolomea or traitors to guests have their heads over the ice
        • The Giudecca or traitors to benefactors are completely immersed in the ice
        • The Anetora or traitors to homeland are constantly gnawing on other heads in the ice
    • In panel 2, Jenny's flight suit is miscolored tan.
  • Page 13
    • "The Divine Comedy" is directly referenced.
    • Dante and Virgil go through the Earth's center in Canto XXXIV just as Ray instructs Peter to grab a tuft of fur and climb down to the center of the earth.
  • Page 14
    • Kylie and Peter went to Craig Liath in Ghostbusters International #7.
    • Aibell refers to the favor Peter agreed to at the end of Ghostbusters International #7 so Una O'Neill could pass on.
    • Kylie refers to when she tried to warn Peter against making the deal with Aibell.
  • Page 15
    • Egon was dispersed in Ghostbusters International #7. He is returned wearing the same gray vest outfit from the first movie he was wearing and the Psychokinetic Defibrillator.
    • Egon mentions his apartment.
  • Page 18
    • Winston was similarly left behind when other Ghostbusters went on an interdimensional trip in the Checking Out the Library Level of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
  • Page 19
    • Peter alludes to the Dream Ghost from the first movie; the ghost of a blonde woman.
    • Kylie's disgust is a nod to the infamous blowjob the ghost gives Ray.
  • Page 20
    • In panel 2, on the computer screen is a still from the Ghostbusters Activision Video Game Commodore 64 version. It appears on the back of the game's box next to "One Temple of Zuul. Two Terror Dogs. And a zillion ghosts."
    • Egon mentions the Riemann Hypothesis, one of the famous unsolved problems in Mathematics. It was a conjecture that the Riemann zeta function has its zeros only at the negative even integers and complex numbers with real part 1/2.
    • In panel 3, Peter plays with a Slinkie - a nod to a line about Egon's childhood in Ghostbusters II
    • In panel 4, the Dimensionometer from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Egon on the Rampage" makes another non-canon cameo.
    • In panel 4, right of the Dimensionometer, is a can of Blody - a staple drink on the comic book series that was first advertised in The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Halloween Door"
    • In panel 4, on the board are:
    • The set up on this board was previously seen in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #4 page 6 panel 5.
    • In panel 7, under Ray, are Rowan North's drawings of himself from his copy of "Ghosts from Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal" in the 2016 movie.
      • The drawing of giant Rowan grabbing people opposite of the 'Open the Barrier' page
      • The close up drawing of Rowan's face opposite of 'The Fourth Cataclysm' page
    • Behind Egon as he takes off the analyzer colander is the Latent Image Sensor, a piece of equipment seen briefly in the first montage of Ghostbusters II.
  • Page 21
    • Janine is wearing an outfit from the first movie, notably when she gets the call from the Sedgewick Hotel.
    • A case in the Bronx comes up about a Possessed Object.
    • The nature of the case appears to be a nod to the Kenner toy Fearsome Flush.
    • Left of Janine, on the cabinet label is a reference to The Real Ghostbusters and 1986, the year it premiered.
    • Kevin is inexplicably using crutches.
    • Left of Kevin, on the top cabinet label is a reference to the Extreme Ghostbusters and 1997, the year it aired.
    • On the bottom cabinet label is a reference to the first Ghostbusters movie and 1984.
    • In panel 2, on the right on the paper, the Sandman from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream" makes a non-canon cameo.
    • Kevin's name patch is visible for the first time, revealing his last name to be Tanaka.
    • Janine warns them about not tracking anything back. The Firehouse has been routinely breached. Recently by:
    • Winston alludes to the mugs from Ghostbusters II
    • In panel 3, on the slip of paper Winston has is "Millennium Biltmore Hotel 506 South Grand Avenue" - where parts of Sedgewick Hotel and 550 Central Park West scenes were filmed for the first movie.
  • Page 23
    • Mentioned in the Spectral Incident Report:
    • The Fairlawn Mansion is an actual landmark in Superior, Wisconsin at 906 East 2nd Street that is a public museum. The ghost of the servant girl, the cold chill, her suspected murder and reason for returning are part of the mansion's lore.
    • The Trask Hotel is a stand-in for the Drake Hotel on the Magnificent Mile.
    • Ron was strangled by the Skinless Man.
  • Page 26
  • The reveal of Loftur's contract with the Devil, the restoration of Egon, and the death and manifestation of Jenny are mentioned in the Ghostbusters Annual 2017's story so far page.
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #4, Death refers to when Aibell resurrected Egon.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6, Death alludes to Egon's resurrection in Ghostbusters International Issue #11.

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