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IDW Publishing Comics- Ghostbusters Volume 2 (also known as Ghostbusters- The Most Magical Place On Earth) is a trade paperback collection published on July 11th, 2012. It was made available through Amazon on July 24th. It includes an introduction by Brian Lynch, the bonus content Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission stories by Tristan Jones, the short story "The Man Who Sought Death" by Tristan Jones, the Ghostly Galleries, a never-before-seen page of Slimer sketches by Dan Schoening, and a cover gallery. The volume has since been translated into French, Italian, and Spanish as a re-issue.

This trade paperback collects:


On February 21st, 2012, Erik Burnham cited unconfirmed reports the second trade collection may be released in July 2012. [2]

On April 16th, 2012, Erik Burnham announced he was starting on the eight page script for the short story in Volume Two. [3]

On April 18th, 2012, Tom Waltz revealed the eight page short story was moved from Volume Two to Volume Three. [4]

On July 10th, 2012, Dan Schoening posted artwork that will be included in Volume Two as the back cover. It is a rendition of the Mass Hysteria! scene from the first movie, with some easter eggs of Issues #5-8 hidden on the desk of Mayor Lenny, [5] including a print out of physical requirements printed on a Ghostbusters receipt with quotes from the Chapter 24 scene, a newspaper with a photo of Scotty from Issue #5, and a file of Eugene Visitor with a reference to the address of Mrs. Roger's House.

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