IDW Publishing Comics- Ghostbusters Volume 8 (also known as Ghostbusters- Mass Hysteria! Part 1) is a trade paperback collection published on August 6, 2014. It features a cover that connects with the cover of Volume 9 to form one image, a forward by Laura Summer, covers spread throughout the trade, variant cover art gallery, and a 30th Anniversary advertisement for previous volume trade paperbacks and omnibus editions of Ghostbusters Omnibus Volume 1, The Real Ghostbusters Omnibus Volume 1, and The Real Ghostbusters Omnibus Volume 2.

This trade paperback collects:


The original cover features:

Art from Volume 2 Issue #13-16 are reused several times for this trade collection:

  • The first page is a reuse of Issue #14, page 16, panel 2
  • The second page is a reuse of Issue #16, page 8, panel 1
  • Pages four to five reuses Issue #13, page 18, panel 5 and the Story so far from Issue #13
  • Page 27 reuses Issue #13, Page 7, Panel 1
  • Page 49 reuses Issue #14, Page 15, Panel 1
  • Page 71 reuses Issue #15, Page 7, Panel 3
  • Page 103 reuses Issue #16, Page 14, Panel 1

The original back cover is a homage to a scene from The Real Ghostbusters Intro 1 featuring the four original Ghostbusters. [2]


On June 7, 2014, Dan Schoening posted a preview of the back cover. [3]


  • The Diamond order code is JUN140357.


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