IDW Publishing Comics- Tainted Love is the second one shot in a series of holiday-themed Ghostbusters comic books by IDW Publishing.


Love is in the air - literally! - as Winston befriends an attractive woman with a ghostly problem in her apartment. But trapping the love-struck apparition proves to be more complicated than the Ghostbusters originally thought. Can Winston step up and save the day? Just how far will Peter go to find a date? And do Ray and Egon ever stop to think about girls, or is it always about trans-dimensional ectoplasmic anomalies with those two? [1]


Egon Spengler

Peter Venkman

Ray Stantz

Winston Zeddemore

Tiyah Clarke

Wannabe St. Valentines Day Massacre ghosts

Janine Melnitz

Ballard Wright

Anitra Day


Proton Pack

Particle Thrower

P.K.E. Meter



Arm Mounted Proton Pack

Ecto Goggles



Tiyah's Apartment




After defeating gang ghosts at a local high school, Winston sits down and meets Tiyah Clarke, a substitute teacher. She tells of a ghost haunting her apartment. Winston then makes it his mission to rid the ghost from her place.


  • On page 1, Slimer appears as part of the Tainted Love logo.
  • The Wannabe ghosts mention Al Capone (who appeared on The Real Ghostbusters), The Five Families, and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
    • The Five Families are the top five Italian-America mafia families in New York.
    • The St. Valentine's Day Massacre is an event in 1929 which involved the murder of seven people and a conflict between Al Capone and Bugsy Moran.
  • On Page 8, Egon suggests the ghost is a Gatekeeper, a reference to Zuul from the first film.
  • On Page 8, Ray mentions Gozer.
  • On Page 10, Ray mentions he used the Occult Reference Net to research the ghost and Clarke's apartment. The net was previously used on Ghostbusters II.
  • The title page for this story in the Haunted Holidays Trade Paperback places the events taking place on a Sunday.


  1. Tainted Love preview via Newsarama 2/16/2010


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