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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters 2 is the second of a four part mini series by IDW Publishing which crosses-over the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the characters from the Ghostbusters universe. Also issued as a library binding book by Spotlight.


The Turtles are stuck in the Ghostbusters dimension... along with a brand-new, all-powerful, all-crazy ghost from centuries past! The two teams will have to act fast to save the day, but what happens when Casey Jones becomes possessed? [3]


Part Two The Meeting of the Minds


Ray Stantz

Peter Venkman

Winston Zeddemore

Egon Spengler

Possessed Humans


Casey Jones




April O'Neil


Janine Melnitz

Kylie Griffin

Thralls of Chi-You


Part Two The Meeting of the Minds

Ecto Goggles

Proton Pack

Particle Thrower


P.K.E. Meter


Ghost Sniffer

Aura Video-Analyzer

Paranormal Containment Research Tank

Dimensional Inverter

Tobin's Spirit Guide

Fairfax's Demonologia

Containment Unit


Part Two The Meeting of the Minds

Pin-Up Calendar of Doom!

Ghostbusters Mug and Balloon

The Twinkie

Stay Puft Marshmallows

Singing Slime

Stay Puft Figure


Part Two The Meeting of the Minds

Psychomagnotheric Slime


Part Two The Meeting of the Minds

Emmanuel Baptist Church


Madison Square Garden


On July 15, 2014, Bobby Curnow hinted there may be a Blank Cover variant in the November 2014 solicitations. [4]

On July 18, 2014, Erik Burnham confirmed he's seen Dan Schoening's cover for Issue #2. [5]

On July 24, 2014, Tristan Jones posted a work in progress teaser of his cover for Issue #2. [6]

On August 13, 2014, Tristan Jones confirmed the cover for Issue #2 would be his last in the mini-series due to deadlines for his Silent Hill project. [7]

On August 14, 2014, Tristan Jones posted his cover for Issue #2. [8] IDW also confirmed the cover would be part of November 2014's Artist Edition RI variants and there will also be blank cover variants. [9]

On August 19, 2014, November solicits revealed the regular cover and logline. [10]

On August 29, 2014, Erik Burnham declared he was halfway through the mini series. [11]

On September 29, 2014, Brent Peeples teased his Cover RE. [12] He later posted another teaser. [13] On September 30, 2014, Brent Peeples posted another teaser of his Cover RE. [14] On October 1, 2014, Brent Peeples posted a pre-colored version of his Cover RE. [15]

On October 2, 2014, Brent Peeples posted a colored version of his Cover RE. [16] On October 3, 2014, Dan Schoening posted a work in progress of Bebop and Rocksteady as humans. [17] On October 4, 2014, Adam Gorham posted a work in progress of his cover featuring Michelangelo. [18] On October 5, 2014, Adam Gorham posted a work in progress of his cover featuring Slimer. [19] On October 6, 2014, Adam Gorham posted an updated work in progress of his cover featuring Michelangelo. [20] On October 9, 2014, Erik Burnham reported seeing artwork for Issue #2 and confirmed Dan Schoening's easter eggs are still in full effect. [21] Adam Gorham posted a unlettered version of his cover. [22] On October 10, 2014, Shannon Ritchie revealed he's done a Cover RE for Comicxposure. [23] On November 10, 2014, Dan Schoening posted a work in progress of Kylie Griffin carrying a stack of books. [24] On November 13, 2014, Dan Schoening posted included a teaser of Michelangelo. [25] Schoening also posted a teaser of two hockey players brawling. [26] On November 23, 2014, a cover, credits, and 5 page preview was posted. [27]

On December 1, 2014, Erik Burnham revealed his favorite gag had to do with the trephination pun. [28] On May 29, 2015, Erik Burnham posted commentary, from himself and Tom Waltz, for Issue #2. [29]


  • Hot Topic Cover RE
    • Slimer appears on the cover.
  • Page 1
  • Page 4
    • Tom Waltz found Peter's frustration with red heads to be his favorite gag in the entire series. The gag was Erik Burnham's idea. [30]
  • Page 5
  • Page 6
  • Ray's alien question is a jab at rumors the Turtles would be aliens in the 2014 live action movie.[31]
  • Page 7
    • Peter remarks the color coding of the Turtles will be handy in remembering their names.
      • In similar fashion, the Ghostbusters' animated counterparts on The Real Ghostbusters wore different colored jumpsuits.
    • Peter jokingly refers to himself as El Greco and the other Ghostbusters as Botticelli, Signorelli, and Titian.
      • El Greco was a painter, sculptor and architect during the Spanish Renaissance.
      • Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter during the Early Renaissance.
      • Luca Signorelli was an Italian Renaissance painter known for his use of foreshortening.
      • Titian was a highly regarded painter known for his mastery of color.
    • Peter alludes to Dana Barrett and her former job restoring art at the Manhattan Museum of Art in Ghostbusters II.
  • Page 8
    • Michelangelo's adoration of the Ecto-1 and request for the Turtles to have one may be a nod to the Turtle Van in some versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Page 9
  • Page 11
    • In Panel 1, on the computer under Don's elbow is the Information screen of Area 1 from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) video game with Splinter's "The map shows your position on on the ground." message.
    • Egon's "It's...technical" response to the Ghost Sniffer question is a callback to Peter's response in the first movie to Dana's query.
    • Still up on the second floor are the New York poster and ladder with towel from Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions).
    • On the black monitor in the right corner is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV video game title screen.
  • Page 12
    • Peter alludes to this version of Donatello's inability to believe in the more spiritual phenomena.
    • Peter mentions Trephination. In the first movie, Peter brought up how Egon attempted to drill a hole in his head.
      • Tom Waltz had to look up Trephination.[32]
    • In a box on the shelf by Peter, is the Stasis Field Generator from Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Portable version.
  • Page 13
    • Egon not believing in aliens dates back to Volume 1 Issue #11.
    • Donatello and the others have met various aliens on their ongoing comic book series
    • Winston mentions 'going in first.' The United States Marine Corps' core duty is to go first into battle.
  • Page 14
  • Page 15
    • Ray refers to his late mother and her Swiss heritage.
      • In drafts of Ghostbusters II, for example page 109 of the 2/27/89 draft, Ray mentioned his great-grandparents were Swiss.
    • Ray holds a copy of Fairfax's Demonologia up to Slimer. It is a 19th century book about a discourse of witchcraft.
    • Ray alludes to Peter's initial skepticism in the first movie.
    • Slimer's Pin-Up Calendar of Doom! is set on April.
  • Page 16
  • Page 17
    • The man who calls the police is visually based on Patton Oswalt.[34]
    • The two men behind Patton are visually based on the original human forms of Bebop and Rocksteady from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 animated series.
  • Page 19
  • Page 20
    • In the box by the stairs is a copy of a Flex-O-Man Comic from the Slimer! episode "Room at the Top".
    • There is a Ghostbusters Mug and Balloon from Ghostbusters II on Janine's desk.
    • Egon's locker is still set up as Dan Schoening and Luis Delgado's Harold Ramis tribute. Visible are:
      • The box of Cheese Its, seen in the first movie.
      • A Trap
      • A P.K.E. Meter
      • The Ghostbusters II Icon Ghost.
      • The jar of Psychomagnotheric Slime.
      • An article referring to the events of Groundhog Day, directed by Harold Ramis and starring Bill Murray.
      • Below Egon's right is a Walley World figurine from National Lampoon's Vacation movies.
  • Page 21
    • Egon eats a Twinkie.
  • Page 22

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