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IDW Publishing Comics- The Other Side 2 which was the premier of the series of IDW Style Ghostbusters Comics released in America.


Peter Venkman


The Bosses

Egon Spengler

Ray Stantz

Winston Zeddemore

Apple Dumpling Gang

Demon Border Guard

J. Edgar Hoover

Elliot Ness

Jelly Bryce


Proton Pack

Particle Thrower



East River



Fred, using Venkman's body, meets up with his four bosses in a church, after disposing of the bodies of Stantz, Spengler, and Zeddemore - put inside Ecto-1 and dropped into the East River. The three dead Ghostbusters arrive in Purgatory, a rocky wasteland filled with other souls waiting judgment. After killing a mosquito, the three debate what happens when someone dies in Purgatory. They are interrupted by a grandmotherly woman and some other residents of Purgatory, who, after ascertaining that the three are indeed the Ghostbusters, start to attack.

Fred announces to his bosses that he is quitting, now that he has a physical body again, and isn't afraid of them, since he also has the Ghostbuster gear. The dead Ghostbusters overcome their attackers, and run off into a crowd to hide. Inside the crowd, Zeddemore recognizes someone: Janelle, and leaves the other two behind, while the attackers pursue them in the mob. Finding a quiet spot, Stantz and Spengler reflect on their misadventure, and missing Venkman. The older woman shows up, this time with a larger mob of attackers, and chase Stantz and Spengler again. The two climb a steep hill, and their pursuers stop - because of a large demon on top of the hill. Claiming that the two have broken the rules by attempting to cross the border, the demon attacks. Pushing through the crowd, an individual shows up to rip the guts out of the demon - Peter Venkman has saved the day, and has some new friends.



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