IDW Publishing Comics- Transformers/Ghostbusters: Ghosts of Cybertron TPB is a trade paperback collection published on March 4, 2020. It features a cover gallery of variant covers and the two Transformers figures that released in conjunction with the mini-series.

This trade paperback collects:



  • The Diamond order code is JUN190708.
  • On the list of credits on page 5, Christa Miesner is not credited for lettering Issue #5.
  • The error in Issue #3 on page 7, panel 1 is fixed. In the issue release, the yellow text box that reads "The Ark. Waiting on the other side of the Moon." The top of that box is cut off. The top of the "T" in "The Ark" is gone.
  • The error in Issue #3 on Page 17 is not fixed. In the issue, Peter's line is "So hey, can you see where I left my phone." It ends with a period instead of a question mark.
  • The error in Issue #5 on page 3 is not fixed. "Millennia" is misspelled "millenia" and there is an extraneous "a" before it in one of Shockwave's sentences in panel 5.
  • The error in Issue #5 on page 11 is fixed. In the issue, a comma was missing before "Ray" when Peter quips "Well, thanks for that stirring defense Ray, I – Hey!"
  • Covers that are not in the gallery are:
    • Issue #1 Cover RI-C
    • Issue #1 Con Cover
    • Issue #1 SDCC Cover


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