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The Icon Ghost is the ghost found in the No-Ghost Sign which appears in all forms of Ghostbusters Media.


Pilot/Intro 1/Intro 2

In the Pilot, the Icon Ghost was shown walking away after jumping towards the viewer. Afterwards, he turns around and jumps in shock, and then gets trapped in the "no-ghost" symbol. The first Intro reuses most of the footage from the pilot. The second Intro show a more cheerful Icon Ghost that gets caught much like the first intro, but when Professor Dweeb blasts down the No Ghost Sign, the ghost is understandably shocked.


On Saturday morning episodes during seasons 1 and 3 they ran bumpers voiced by Arsenio Hall of a calm and collective Icon Ghost.

During commercial breaks for season 2 (syndicated) episodes, a comical Slimer-esque voice was given to the ghost in the logo, performed by Frank Welker. Referred to as "No Ghost" by the production staff, he futilely tries to escape-or is caught outside the front of the symbol, only to run back behind; avoiding a stampede of other spooks. He was also using a saw on the logo until he notices the viewers and hides it behind himself. There were also times where he was upside-down and had to pull himself right side-up again.


In the episode The Copycat, the Copycat morphs in the Icon Ghost with no ghost sign. Like all forms of the Copycat, he was shown to be quite comical.

Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)

As Patty Tolan takes Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, and Jillian Holtzmann to the site of the encounter at the Seward Street Subway Station, one Graffiti Artist says he has seen a ghost, and proceeds to spray paint a stereotypical bedsheet ghost on the wall. As he's reprimanded about not being allowed to graffiti, he covers it in a "no sign". Holtzmann proceeds to photograph the image. Rowan drew a creepy rendition of the logo as he watched NY1 News coverage of their successful capture of a ghost at Stonebrook Theatre. He later used it as one of his forms after leaving Kevin's body as Patty prefers to the design as "nice and cute"... at least until Rowman turns that design into a "tainted" version with glowing yellow eyes and sharp teeth, and supersizes himself to over 100 feet.

Non-Canon History

The Icon Ghost also appeared in a commercial for Ghostbusters Cereal.


He seemed to be a heavy set simple solid white ghost that is quite agile. Seems to be suggested to have a good sense of humor and is slightly over dramatical.



Primary Canon

Secondary Canon


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