The International Space Project [1] is a space station where a scientific community composed of experts from all countries conduct research in various fields, including supernatural phenomena.


The International Space Project was launched into orbit around Earth sometime in the late 20th century. In the early 1990s, Winston Zeddemore was accepted into the program as a civilian expert. Winston was tasked with conducting ectoplasmic experiments in zero gravity over the course of 10 days. [2] However, during his stay, a Vampiric Alien Ghost infiltrated the station and began to absorb all of the members.

Winston was the lone survivor but reunited with the rest of the Ghostbusters. They split up and explored the port and starboard. In the Storage Bay, Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz were absorbed by the ghost and unable to fire or risk puncturing the outer hull of the station. Peter Venkman, Winston, and Slimer chased the ghost to the Control Room. Luckily, Slimer accidentally short circuited the computer and ended the firing sequence, foiling the ghost's plan to escape to Earth. [3]


The Real Ghostbusters


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