The Irish ghost[2] was a ghost ruining a St. Patrick's Eve party. He was easily captured. He has little screening time, so the least is known about him.


During a St. Patrick's Eve banquet in New York City, an Irish Ghost manifested in a dining hall with several other entities. The Ghostbusters were called in to capture them. During the bust, the Irish Ghost possessed a turkey but Winston Zeddemore slammed a bowl on it. The Ghostbusters then carefully trapped it. A total of four Traps were utilized. However, Peter Venkman accidentally blasted at a woman that turned out to be the wife of Mayor Lenny. They were arrested and thrown in jail, but were later released by Deputy Chief O'Malley, who needed their help to get rid of the Bog Hound.


The Irish ghost was a semi-solid entity, as when Winston slammed a glass bowl on it, the ghost took the form of the bowl instead of passing through it.



The Real Ghostbusters


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