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Ivo Shandor's Mother was shown in a picture on the wall near the Slime Laboratories on Shandor Island. As noted by Egon Spengler to Peter Venkman she looks pretty much the same as Ilyssa Selwyn and suggests a lineage to Ivo Shandor. Egon also notes the portrait was painted in 1885. [1] Nothing else about Ivo Shandor's mother was revealed.


When the Ghostbusters entered Shandor's castle, they discovered a painting of Ivo Shandor's mother done in 1885. She looked exactly like Ilyssa Selwyn. The Ghostbusters realized Ilyssa was a descendent of Ivo Shandor. Egon concluded Ilyssa must have inadvertently triggered the Mandala because she had Shandor blood.



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