J. Edgar Hoover was the first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and built into a large and efficient crime-fighting agency. Some charged Hoover with exceeding the agency's jurisdiction. Hoover focused efforts on domestic threats such as gangsters then subversion in the 1930s.


J. Edgar Hoover was dispatched from Heaven with Elliot Ness and Jelly Bryce to investigate flagrant, recurring border violations in Purgatory. They met up with Peter Venkman and saved the other Ghostbusters from destruction. The trio took Al Capone and Fred into custody and interrogated them about the location of The Bosses in the real world.


J. Edgar Hoover's manners were atrocious but he was to the point and remained steadfast to a tight schedule. He also wasn't above punching out an old woman.


  • Peter mentioned J. Edgar Hoover in Ghostbusters when Gozer demands they choose its new Destructor Form.


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