The JH Modified Trap[1] is a Trap modified by Jillian Holtzmann after her team's encounter with the Ghostbusters of the prime universe.


After the resolution of the dimensional bleed incident, Holtzmann used the Trap design of the other Ghostbusters and added some of her own tweaks. Patty Tolan used the JH Modified Trap to capture around a dozen of Kruger's Victims in the underground lab of Doctor Kruger's Yorkville Brownstone. Doctor Kruger was weakened by the Ghostbusters on the Nightmare-Scape and they were blown back to the real world. Kruger refused to give up and pointed he could tap into dreams of others and regain his energy and more. He mocked them for forgetting how weak they would be from leaving the Nightmare-Scape. They didn't. Kevin Beckman ambushed Kruger with his own Proton Pack and he was captured with a JH Modified Trap.


The JH Modified Trap differs in design from the Trap in that its yellow and black bars are on the side of the trap and in function that it can trap multiple ghosts.



IDW Comics


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