"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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Jack Higgins' Crew is a skeletal group of ghost pirates who are stationed on Captain Jack Higgins' vessel, the Stag.


When Max Palopolis discovered the Stag's hidden treasure, Captain Jack Higgins, his crew, the Stag, and the Captain's Bird manifested to reclaim what was taken: 600 gold doubloons. They were bewildered by how much New York City had and hadn't changed. After tossing the Ghostbusters into the harbor waters, the crew disembarked the Stag to pillage the city. Three of the pirates stole the clothes off a flashy tourist from Houston, two mistakenly fell in love with store front mannequins, and others gorged at a supermarket.

The crew eventually returned to the Stag and they set sail for Palopolis and his maritime museum. The Ghostbusters set up an ambush outside the museum and took on the crew. While they were distracted with taking back their treasure, the guys trapped the Stag. They then trapped all of the crew in one Ghost Trap and Captain Higgins and his bird in another.


Jack Higgins' crew has the standard abilities of ghosts including intangibility and flight. However, they often resort to conventional warfare attributed to pirates instead of using their powers.



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