Jack Stone[1] is a veteran FBI agent who encounters the Extreme Ghostbusters during a Gremlin case.


FBI agent, Jack Stone was partnered with Harry Gannan. On April 7, 1997, they were assigned to investigate possible sabotage in New York at the U.S. Online Company. While a Gremlin was the culprit, Stone began to suspect the Extreme Ghostbusters. He quickly had background information compiled on each of the four. After following them back to the phone company, Stone and Gannan were accidentally fired upon by Garrett Miller. Stone had them arrested on charges of terrorism, conspiracy, sabotage, breaking and entering, and assaulting federal agents. However, while the team were being transported to Washington D.C., the agents inspected the Ghost Trap and released the Gremlin. They were convinced of the Extreme Ghostbusters' innocence upon meeting Slimer. Stone didn't think anyone would believe it and created a cover story about microwaves from a surveillance satellite as the culprit. Meanwhile, details of the case were sealed in a classified file labeled "G1027." Jack didn't think anyone would believe the truth.


  • Garrett's encounter with Stone and Gannan leads him to be distrustful of the FBI and this is brought up in "Eyes of a Dragon"


Extreme Ghostbusters


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