Janine's Apartment is Janine's home located in Brooklyn. However, due to encounters with the supernatural, Janine has moved (or was kicked out by management) several times. At one point, she lived in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. [1] [2]


During the Proteus incident, Janine's apartment was haunted by a group of ghosts. Since their actions were just childish pranks, the Ghostbusters didn't immediately deal with it. Fed up, Janine took some equipment and tried to bust the ghosts herself. Luckily, Slimer came along and helped her trap them.

Some time later, Janine became interested in plants and filled her Brooklyn Heights apartment with many of them. However, a geranium she received from Egon Spengler was actually possessed by the Greenhouse ghost. Janine placed it on her window sill where it rapidly grew to monstrous proportions. The next day, Janine returned home to find it spread into her apartment. The Ghostbusters soon arrived and trapped the ghost. However, her apartment was completely ruined and she blamed Egon.

Years later, Janine reluctantly agreed to house Peter Venkman when he came down with an allergy to ghosts. The Ghostbusters later promised to giver her a raise in exchange for using her apartment as an isolation room while they built an immunity to the allergy. The apartment was trashed and while it was cleaned up, Janine stayed at the Firehouse. After Janine moved back into her apartment, she continued to secretly undergo physical changes granted by her Fairy Godmother who was actually a Makoveris Lotsabucks. Slimer spied on the two and tried to leave but was caught. Outside the apartment, the Makoveris sent three Spectral Dogs after Slimer.



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