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Janine Melnitz; Ghostbusters

Janine Melnitz was the receptionist that worked for the boys in grey at the Firehouse. She, like the four Ghostbusters and Slimer, is usually present in all Ghostbusters media.


Janine in the Primary Canon is developed from Ghostbusters (1984), Ghostbusters II, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. In Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions), a Secondary Canon, Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II pre-date the game, Ghostbusters: Afterlife conflicts with the game. Janine (prime) appears in the IDW Comic Series, a Secondary Canon, which follows Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II, also includes some elements from Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) and Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Versions); as well as being canon to Tobin's Spirit Guide (Insight Editions). Janine (from Dimension 50-S) in the IDW Comic Series, is a alternate version based on Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime video game, deemed a Tertiary Canon, follows Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II.


Primary Canon History

Ghostbusters (1984)

Janine was the first person hired to work at the Firehouse. She staffed the phones and kept track of appointments, calls, messages, etc. She showed a romantic interest in Egon Spengler, but he didn't return her advances. While initially extremely bored with her job and seemingly indifferent to the business, the moment she received an urgent plea for assistance from the haunted Sedgewick Hotel, she roared out a joyful "We got one!" and enthusiastically activated the muster signal for the primary staff.

One one call, Janine asked a caller if the ghost looked like a mist, or if it had arms and legs. Janine interviewed Winston Zeddemore from her desk. She asked him if he believed in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trans-mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis. Winston replied if there was a steady paycheck in it, he would believe anything she said. The phone rang. Peter Venkman tossed an invoice on Janine's desk. She scoffed at the smoke from the Traps Ray Stantz was holding. Peter told her that was the paper on the Brooklyn and the female client paid with Visa. Janine handed out a piece of paper and told them that was the evening worksheet. Ray scanned it and moaned. He saw there were two more free repeaters. Ray walked to the basement steps. Janine brought Winston to their attention. Ray instantly hired him.

Once the boys picked up more and more clients, she began to complain of being overworked. She had gone two weeks without a break and recalled a promise more help would be hired. After Dr. Venkman implied that perhaps she'd find more pleasure in another low-wage job, she took offense, but stopped her complaints. He asked her if she was going to answer the phone. Janine grumbled she quit better jobs then pressed a button on the phone and snapped at the caller. Weeks later, on a Thursday night, a Police Sergeant knocked on the front door of the Firehouse. Janine Melnitz answered the door. She asked him if he was dropping off or picking up. The sergeant answered he was dropping off. She told him to wait just a moment. Janine closed the inner door. A short time later, Egon Spengler came outside with Janine. The sergeant asked Egon if he was a Ghostbuster. Egon confirmed he was. The sergeant explained they picked up a perp but they had no idea what to do with him because Bellevue Hospital refused him and he was concerned about placing him in the lock-up. He knew about the Ghostbusters and figured they should confer with them. Egon agreed to weigh in. They walked over to the rear of the paddy wagon. Louis Tully was in the van in a straight jacket. Louis wearily asked Egon if he was the Gatekeeper. Egon scanned Louis with the P.K.E. Meter and watched as the readings quickly surged. Egon turned it off and turned to the sergeant and suggested they better bring him into the Firehouse. The sergeant nodded. Janine wrapped around one of his arms as they walked back to the Firehouse. Janine told Egon he was so kind to take care of that man and called him a real humanitarian. Egon remarked he do not think Louis was human.

Janine turned her head to look at Louis as they entered the Firehouse. While Egon performed a scan with the Aura Video-Analyzer, Janine looked at Louis's wallet then gave it to Egon. Janine offered Louis some coffee. Louis asked Egon if he did. Egon told him, "Yes, have some." Louis repeated what Egon said. Janine made a face and walked over to the kitchen area. As Louis went on about Gozer's past conquests, Janine became concerned. She told Egon there was something very strange about Louis. Janine admitted she was usually very psychic, and she had a terrible feeling that something awful was going to happen to Egon. She revealed she believed he was going to die. She went into Egon's arms. He looked up and placed his right arm around her. The phone rang. Louis jumped and looked around. Egon quickly picked up the phone and spoke to Peter. They conferred about Zuul and Vinz Clortho. Egon turned to Janine and stressed they needed to find Ray and get him back immediately.

On Friday morning, Janine prepped the coffee station in the garage bay. When Walter Peck showed up to shut down the storage facility, she tried to stop them. She kept saying, "Excuse me" but they kept walking. She asked them where they thought they were going. Peck told her to stand aside or he would have her arrested for interfering with a police officer. She cut him off and recalled from TV that he needed a warrant, a writ or something to come inside. Peck raised the manila envelope and listed off the contents: A Cease and Desist All Commerce order, a Seizure of Premises and Chattels, a Ban on the Use of Public Utilities for Non-Licensed Waste Handlers, and a federal Entry and Inspection order. She had no choice. They went to the basement. Janine ran down the steps after them and beat the Con Edison Man. Janine told Egon she tried to stop them but Peck said he had a warrant. Egon's initial warnings fell on deaf ears. Egon, Janine, and Louis planted in front of the control panels. The Containment Unit was shut down and the ghosts were freed as a result. Louis declared that was the sign. Janine agreed it was a sign, a sign they were going out of business. Before the Ghostbusters departed from New York City Hall, Janine spoke to Egon. She wanted him to have something. Egon took it and asked what it was. Janine revealed it was a souvenir from the 1964 World's Fair at Flushing Meadow. It was her lucky coin.[1] Egon stated he should not take it because they might not be coming back. Janine insisted he keep it then revealed she had another one at home.[2] They hugged. After the guys blow up the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, sending Gozer back to its own dimension, Janine went to 550 Central Park West. She waited near the entrance of the building and hugged Egon as he headed to the Ecto-1.

Ghostbusters II

In late 1989, Janine was re-hired following the Ghostbusters' capture of the Scoleri Brothers during their trial. She soon responded to a new phone call. After hearing what the customer says, she smiled and replied, "Yes, we're back." In the weeks after, the Ghostbusters were flush with business. In one instance, she was entrusted with two Traps by the guys and walked off to deposit the ghosts in the Containment Unit. She also becomes attracted to the staff accountant Louis Tully.

Venkman hired her to babysit Dana Barrett's son Oscar while he went on a date with Dana. Janine told a caller that the Ghostbusters could not get to their case until after the New Year. Janine listened to the caller's response and covered up her computer. She suggested not going in there and hung up then yelled out to Louis that she was closing up. When Louis asked her out, Janine had to decline but invited him to instead come with her to babysit. Louis told Oscar a rendition of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs then tucked him in for the night. Janine made small talk and thought the apartment was a great place but it needed a woman's touch. Louis returned to the living room and gently closed the bedroom door. He reminded her Oscar was sleeping. Janine noticed he was very good with children. Louis thanked her for the compliment and revealed he practiced on his hamster. Janine asked if he lived alone. Janine held a crystal ball between her legs. Louis looked away. Louis revealed he used to have a roommate, but his mom moved to Florida. She invited him to sit next to her. Louis sat on the couch and suggested playing a round of Boggle or Super Mario Bros. but Janine called motherhood a very natural instinct and she would like to have a child herself. She crossed a leg over Louis's then asked him if he did. Louis became nervous. She touched his right ear. They ended up making out on the couch.

Dana returned to the apartment and turned on the lights. Louis jumped off the couch in shock. He knocked over a stand. Janine peeked at Dana. Louis rambled about how they were just baby-sitting, watching television, eating, and one thing led to another. Dana told him it was all right. Louis assured her it he did not know anything was going to happen. Janine got up and adjusted her dress. She asked Dana how her date went. Dana stated it was not date, it was just dinner. Louis asked where Peter was. Dana placed her purse down and informed them Peter was arrested. Janine found that typical. Dana asked if Peter called. Louis told her nobody called. She asked how Oscar was. Janine assured her he was fine and a good baby. He was a little fussy at first, then they just gave him some French bread pizza and he passed right out. Dana was glad and decided to peek in on him. Louis sighed in relief. Dana leaned in on Oscar, who was asleep. Louis wondered if they should leave. Janine was not sure about leaving Dana alone. Louis agreed. They dropped back on the couch together. Louis, Janine, and Dana watched "The Lady from Shanghai". Janine asked if Elsa Bannister was the killer or not. Louis spouted out trivia about Rita Hayworth, the actress, portraying Elsa. Janine fed him some popcorn. Louis wondered why beautiful girls loved horses so much. He asked Janine if she loved horses. Janine replied, "No." Dana's expression and tone implied she wished they would leave. She assured them they did not have to stay and thought Peter would be back soon. Louis told her they did not mind. Dana felt a draft and went to go check on Oscar only to discover he was out on the ledge. Louis yelled out to Janine to call 911 immediately. After Janosz Poha kidnapped Oscar, Dana rushed off to save him. Louis and Janine set off to find the Ghostbusters. While the Ghostbusters marched to the Manhattan Museum of Art in the Statue of Liberty, she helped Louis suit up in one of Egon's uniforms. She remarked he looked fantastic in it. Louis declared he was born to wear it. They kissed then Louis departed on foot. She attended the ceremony for the Ghostbusters on Liberty Island.

Before Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Janine periodically looked in on Egon at his Farmhouse in Summerville and helped out by taking on tasks like paying bills.[3] In summer 2021, Callie was contacted by Janine and notified her father Egon died.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

After another earthquake rocked Summerville, Janine walked inside the Farmhouse and was surprised to see Callie, Trevor, and Phoebe inside already. She asked how she could help them and looked at Trevor and Phoebe in the study then looked back at Callie. Callie rambled but eventually stated the house was her father's. Janine looked at Trevor and Phoebe again and greeted them. They greeted her back. She introduced herself and noted she was the one who called her on the phone. She hesitated then stated she was friends with Egon and told Callie she was very sorry for her loss. Callie told her it was okay and she probably knew him better than she did. Callie mused she should be sorry for her loss. Janine clarified she just kept the bills paid on time. Callie mistook Janine for a money manager. Janine revealed there was no money to manage and recalled Egon could barely keep the power on. Callie realized Egon left them nothing. Janine disagreed and stated there was quite a bit of debt. Callie was stunned then gathered herself and stated she came to sign the forms, pack the silverware, and leave with the rent check. She asked Janine if the Farmhouse was worthless. Janine asked if she meant aside from the sentimental value.

Janine met with Winston at his firm. She had the lucky coin she gave to Egon in 1984 before the Ghostbusters left to confront Gozer. Winston noted Egon was the brains, Ray was the heart, and Peter just kept it cool. Janine asked him who he was. Winston answered he was the sex appeal. She smiled and chuckled. Winston grinned. Janine noted he had done very well for himself. Winston reflected on his career and told her he did it for his children. He wanted to be an example of what was possible. Janine asked him if he was still covering the rent at Ray's Occult Books. Winston still had hope Ray's Occult was going to turn a profit one of these days. She laughed and remembered the day he came into the Firehouse for a job. Winston admitted he came in looking for a steady paycheck but busting ghosts with the guys taught him not to be afraid because he had the tools and the talent. He revealed he started his business with one employee and grew it into a thriving global enterprise. He declared while he may be a businessman, he would always be a Ghostbuster.

Secondary Canon History

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions)

Janine retained her job of monitoring the phones at the Firehouse, arranging appointments, and the other secretarial work involved in keeping the Ghostbusters business operating. She dealt with the usual flurry of calls on the Rookie's first day of work at the start of the Thanksgiving 1991 holiday weekend. She placed calls on hold and answered a rather odd one when a customer wanted to know if the Ghostbusters could contact a dead relative to get the combination for a safe. Between investigations, Rookie overheard some of Janine's phone calls, including some complaints of having used up all of her float holidays, copier problems, a mix up involving ordering dragon blood, and general remarks on the franchising of the Ghostbusters establishment.

On Thanksgiving morning, Janine's favorite pair of pumps broke and Lester's was out of her favorite flavor of tea, chamomile. While the Ghostbusters were returning from Shandor Island, Janine was rendered unconscious. When she came to, Ilyssa Selwyn was missing, the Containment Unit was shut off again, and the Firehouse was in shambles. She attempted to explain what happened to the team when a NY News 6 report revealed there were tremors at Central Park.

IDW Comic Series

Janine attended elementary school at P.S. 47 and had two dates for her senior prom on June 16, 1977. She worked the register at a Big Greaser before applying to the Ghostbusters. During the interview with Peter, Janine saw Egon for the first time, and was instantly in love with him. She quickly agreed to take the job before Peter even offered on account she could smell desperation a mile away. After the Ghostbusters returned from their first call, Janine asked them how it went. Peter gave the invoice to Janine to file. She was shocked by the $5000 bill and asked for a raise. Peter contended it was one gig and they needed to fill the gas tank. He proposed they walk to Canal Street and if the hot dog cart was still open, dinner was on him. She declined because it was 10 minutes out her way. Naturally, she was revolted by the ectoplasmic residue on the bill. Peter offered to include chili. Winston Zeddemore found the Ghostbusters' help wanted ad in the classifieds after he quit a construction job and set up an interview with Janine Melnitz. After they shook hands, Janine asked if he found the Firehouse easily enough. Winston noted he saw the sign. Janine was pleased since the guys were always worried no one would notice it. After a long day, Janine was too tired to go through Winston's resume and told him to tell her about his background. Winston barely finished listing his six years in the Marine Corps and a little construction when Janine stopped him and mused she was hearing him say he could lift a hundred pounds. Winston thought the ad said 70. Janine was pleased he was good at comprehension and recall. She had a good feeling about him but warned she had to ask him the next part and asked him not to look at her like she was crazy. Janine asked him if he believed in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness Monster, and the theory of Atlantis. Winston was kind of stunned but replied as long as there was a steady paycheck in it, he would believe anything she said.

At some point after Winston was hired, Roger Delacorte went to the Firehouse out of desperation and pleaded his case with Janine. Janine tried to tell them how busy the Ghostbusters had become. Roger noted he left several messages but Janine informed him she took them and passed along all messages to the Ghostbusters. She emphasized they were incredibly busy. Ray and Peter happened to return from a bust at the Consulate General of Canada of New York. Ray told Janine they got stonewalled the Canadian government in Ottawa had to approve payment to them first. Rebecca Morales visited Janine at the Firehouse and interviewed her. She told her Peter might sometimes leap before he looks. After the Gozer incident, Janine also spoke with Rebecca at the outside dining area of the Empire Diner. She half-joked she couldn't say much due to a non-disclosure agreement. Janine admitted Peter wasn't the worst boss she had.[4] She hinted that was with a job in Yonkers then remembered the terrible commute. She warned Rebecca that Peter was a little cagey when was questioned. Rebecca asked about Egon Spengler. Janine admitted Egon was not the easiest person to get to know, on a personal level, but he was very generous about sharing what he learned with others. She thought that was very kind of him.

At some point after the Shandor incident of 1991, Janine broke up with Louis Tully. One day, Janine arrived at the Firehouse unaware three of the four Ghostbusters were murdered hours earlier. She found Peter inside, who was really Fred possessing the body, and clued him the Ghost Traps were in the storage room next to the Containment Unit. Fred then knocked Janine unconscious and gathered up the Ghostbusters' equipment. After Koza'Rai banished the Ghostbusters, only Janine Melnitz was left. He banished her to Versailles, France in the year 1780. Armed with only a Proton Pack, Janine was teleported into the middle of a party. While the people didn't believe she was from the future, they hired her to deal with the ghost of Leonardo da Vinci. Without a Trap, Janine reasoned with Leonardo and convinced him to use his skills for a greater cause. Ghostbusters Versailles was born. After recruiting three employees, Janine's team went on many busts; including taking on Morgan Le Fay, singing Gargoyles of Notre-Dame, Viking Ghosts, and a Slime Entity. She also had a brief one night stand with one employee. Upon capturing the Slime Entity, Janine learned four of its victims were the original Ghostbusters, who arrived earlier in search of her. Janine agreed to return with them to the present, if she got a promotion. On one Christmas Eve, while the Ghostbusters went to see Woodrow Wainwright Fraser III, Peter had Janine work through until midnight and guard their $1 million check payments. When the Ghost of Christmas Present brought the team and Fraser to the Firehouse, Janine looked extremely angry while taking phone calls despite being paid time-and-a-half.

During one Halloween day, Janine is less than pleased with Ray and Peter's cost of living increase offer on the grounds her job is anything but typical. After witnessing Artie Lester's $50,000 proposal rejected by the team, Janine secretly calls Lester and takes him up on it herself. She arrives to the Tobin Mansion and discovers Lester did not cancel his Halloween gala. Clad in a modified uniform with Winston's Proton Pack, a Ghost Trap, and a P.K.E. Meter, Janine investigates and finds Sam Hain in a secret passage. However, she loses the trap and becomes stuck in a supernatural soft spot between reality and the nether realm.

While the Ghostbusters crash onto the Hain Estate, Janine figures out the circumstances surrounding Hain's death and manages to empathize with him. Ray bursts into the room and wrangles Sam Hain. As Egon pulls Janine from the soft spot, she tells them to stand down and promises Hain they would give him a proper burial. Hain accepts and goes back to the other side just as the spot closes at midnight. Janine then kept the remainder of Lester's $50,000 fee after the funeral costs were paid.

During the Infestation, Janine is the unlikely hero who indirectly reveals a solution to the dozens of escaped Poltergeists and Zombies by throwing a loaded Trap at a Zombie's head. The trap opened and the Poltergeist was drawn to the soulless Zombie. Both were changed, one could now be kept indefinitely in the Containment Unit while the Zombie could now be safely dispersed without the threat of Necrotic Slime being spread.

In one of Ray's precognitive dreams, Janine was talk show host of "The Ja'nine Show" and a segment featured the Ghostbusters. The next day, Janine received a flower bouquet from her boyfriend, Roger Baugh. She and Winston allowed Alan Crendall to confide in them about a paranormal curse that turned out to be Slimer. Hours later, she summoned the Ghostbusters to meet with a visitor named Jim Silver, who was possessed by Idulnas. Several weeks later, Janine broke up another argument between Peter and Peck. Ray noted she seemed to be behaving overly aggressive. One week after the Fantastic Land case, Janine visited Peter in the hospital on the way to a Yoga class. After Peter gloated about his perfect health, Janine handed him a gift from Ray and left smiling as Peter voiced his "appreciation."

About a week later, Janine and Roger bumped into Egon outside of Delgado's Gym. This was the first meeting between Egon and Roger. After Egon abruptly walked off, Janine already sensed Egon was busy thinking of something else - the ambient P.K.E. in the Tri-State area. Towards the end of summer, Roger took Janine out on a date to attend a special performance of Don Giovanni for charity at the Metropolitan Opera House. Janine became irritated and took the unwitting Roger away from the Firehouse for dinner after the guys gave him a hard time. The date came to end when the Phantom of the Opera manifested. Janine called up Ray but the Ghost Smashers arrived first.

In the fall, Janine was shocked when Egon asked her if she was trying to make him jealous by dating Roger. Egon went on to say that he'd noticed over the years she made advances on him, then tried to date someone who shared superficial characteristics with him, but eventually got bored, dumped them, and resumed aggressive flirtations. Egon once made a flow chart of her process for contrasting purposes while he was studying a haunting at a chapel in Yonkers. Janine was insulted and stormed off.

In February, when the Ghostbusters were abducted, Janine formed a new team with Kylie Griffin and Special Agent Melanie Ortiz to find them. After three months, the growing ghost population became a problem. Janine took up a call from a repeat customer named Mr. Parker. The trio captured the Jail Jaw Ghost but were arrested. Walter Peck convinced the Mayor and his staff to let them go and allow them to continue their work. Janine possessed irreplaceable security access to the Containment Unit and remained on the team. She was forced to accept Peck's conditions of taking on a PCOC liaison, taking part in PR events, and accepting Ron Alexander on the team.

Janine did not get off to a good start with the liaison, Jack Hardemeyer. The provocative coveralls he made the team wear angered Janine. She protested they would be regarded as a punchline and wouldn't be taken seriously. To her further dismay, Jack had the regular coveralls stored away and the team was forced to go out in a call in the other ones. Upon returning back, she showed Jack how spending over one hour running through brush did to everyone's legs. Janine threatened to call out Jack on talk shows as a sexist ratbag if he didn't get them back their regular coveralls. Jack countered with putting Ron in shorts, too, but Janine simply yanked harder on his tie. Jack acquiesced and Janine went off to take a shower.

The next day, Janine was visited by a ghostly Swedish ancestor and informed she was to face the Grendel at midnight as part of a test of bravery handed down from generation to generation to those in his bloodline. Jack wanted to make an event of it but the Ghostbusters kept the details of the test secret. On Jack's instructions, Ron outfitted Janine with something flashy. He introduced an upgraded Compact Pack with Boson Dart capability. The New Ghostbusters were called to something "hinky" in Midtown Manhattan. Just after they wrapped up their bust, the Grendel manifested at 6 pm. After tossing Melanie and Ron, the Grendel chased after Janine. Janine called up Kylie, who was away on a consult, and solicited advice on how to defeat the Grendel. Kylie advised her to stand up to the Grendel. Janine fired a Proton Stream but it broke free. Irritated by its resistance, Janine fired a Boson Dart and dispersed its left arm. While it was in shock, Janine wrangled and trapped the Grendel. The ghost ancestor reappeared and angrily informed Janine she failed the test. Apparently, she was supposed to face the Grendel not knowing if she would die or not. Taking advice from Kylie was against the rules. During the stand off, a rip opened and detonated the ghost. The original Ghostbusters had returned from their interdimensional prison. Overjoyed with their return, Janine kissed Egon on the lips then apologized.

After the Collectors' incident, Janine settled back into her role as secretary and coordinating with PCOC. The Draugar came up with a plan to take Janine's soul and offer it to Hel to payback their debt. While watching television at Roger's Apartment, Janine was suddenly immobilized and began discharging Yellow Slime from her eyes. While Roger went to get help, Janine began floating in mid-air and was completed covered in the ectoplasm. Egon's attempt to neutralize it with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime failed. Egon and Roger took Janine to the Firehouse where Egon attempted to utilize his Gris-Gris. Nothing happened to Janine after contact was made. Instead, Egon and Roger ended up transported in Janine's mind and worked their way from the fringes to where Janine was being held. Egon managed to convince the Draugar to return them all to their bodies then he trapped them. Roger was disturbed from walking through her memories and elected to talk about it over racquetball on Thursday.

After her ordeal on the mental plane, Janine began having weird dreams about a fat man with sunglasses. Janine went to Ray's Occult Books and consulted with Kylie. She wanted to make sure nothing was left behind in her head after Egon and Roger rescued her from the Draugar. However, there wasn't any material on the subject. Their conversation was interrupted by Peter's arrival. Despite claiming vacation time, Janine was annoyed when Peter insinuated it was unpaid personal time then sick time at best. She returned to the Firehouse and found Egon looking over results from a self-analysis. Janine couldn't make any sense out of Egon's concerns and went to go lay down.

During Winston and Tiyah's wedding, Janine received an unexpected call from Dana Barrett. Janine set up a meeting at the Pequod's on Columbus the next day. Recalling a photo of Oscar from last Christmas, Janine reminisced about when he was just a baby. When Dana showed Janine her leg wound, Janine became alarmed and thought it should have been an official call to the Ghostbusters. However, upon listening to Dana's desire to keep Oscar safe, stay away from Peter, and not get sucked into another supernatural event, Janine honored her request to have the incident investigated discreetly. Janine assured Dana she would send associates who wouldn't tell Peter anything then shifted to small talk about her rejoining the Philharmonic. However, their conversation was broken up when several vehicles outside Pequod's began floating. Janine took a rain check with Dana and called in the Ghostbusters. Later that day, she sent Melanie and Kylie to see Dana. Janine took part in the Tiamat battle and Hart Island investigation.

As the battle against the possessed Ray worsened, Janine called an ambulance to tend to the injured Kylie and implored the Ghostbusters to finish things up. Janine left the Firehouse in Ecto-1b with Dana and Louis after the ambulance took Kylie into custody. Afterward, she was asked by Roger to move with him to San Francisco, where he accepted a teaching position. Janine had too much New York in her blood and stayed. She was recently signed to write a memoir about her experiences working with and around the Ghostbusters tentatively set for a Christmas release. On September 14, Janine was one of the personnel contracted to help Special Agent Ortiz deal with Hedylogos at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. While the Ghostbusters busted a Class 5 ghost, Janine called Kylie to the Firehouse to examine the newly built Dimensional Inverter. She hailed the Ecto-1 radio and paraphrased Kylie's findings. Janine brought up a tray of Pequod's coffee and took an immediate liking to April O'Neil, who was overcome by current events, namely a dimensional breach, ghosts, Casey Jones being possessed, and a bunch of guys who go around shooting particle streams. Janine consoled her and assured her there was nothing so weird it can't be overcome.

Irritated with Peter and dealing with invading entities, Janine point blank blasted one of the Thralls of Chi-You with the Compact Pack. Even Raphael was impressed. Musing a raise was in order, Janine was further irritated when Peter brushed it off for discussion next quarter. As both teams said their goodbyes, Janine and April hugged. One day, while bent over at her desk looking at files, the Ghostbusters returned but they were Ghostbusters from a parallel dimension. As they went upstairs, Winston Zeddemore promised to take care of his dimension's Janine's haunted Janine's Apartment. Janine was confused and soon after, the Ghostbusters returned from a case. The two sets met and conferred. She answered a call about a Poltergeist at the Bronx Zoo. She went down to the basement to alert the guys and thought she heard Roger's voice but it was the parallel Egon. She apologized but the parallel Peter remarked at least she was consistent in this universe. She got in Peter's face and asked him to "elaborate" on the comment. Egon intervened and inquired about what she was going to tell them. While Ray was taking P.K.E. readings in the alternate Ghostbusters' dimension, Janine returned to the basement. She heard the alternate Janine and asked if her voice sounded like that or not. The alternate Egon and Ray were hesitant to answer her.

Proteus appeared in the Firehouse and shot a beam at the Ghostbusters. While they ran off, Proteus was amused and implored them to run. Without considering the consequences, Janine threw her whale paperweight at Proteus' head. Proteus retaliated by blasting her and Kylie. They found themselves in Tokyo. The duo made their way to the Embassy of the United States in Tokyo for help getting back to New York. She was eager to get home before the weekend since she had plans. Janine promised that if any local ghosts were affected by the event, she would send someone to clean it up. Janine and Kylie faced a bureaucratic gauntlet of paperwork in order to return home. Janine filled out government forms for three days and did zero sightseeing. They finally returned to New York shortly after the Ghostbusters encountered the Sandman on Staten Island. Janine was not pleased to return home to discover more unfinished and unfiled paperwork. Her work space was set up at the Warehouse while repairs at the Firehouse continued. Jenny Moran paid Janine a visit and informed her repairs were almost done and PCOC was erring on the side of safety to keep OSHA happy. Janine begrudgingly admitted she missed the Firehouse. Jenny then asked how Japan was. Janine read her the riot act. Jenny asked her why she didn't just hire someone to pick up some of the load. Janine revealed there was too much bureaucratic red tape involved and it got harder and harder to hire with every Class 7 incident that happened. Jenny implored Janine to start looking for a new hire and she would take care of the red tape. Janine was shocked then hugged Jenny.

Janine drove the Ghostbusters to Teterboro Airport with Ecto-1. She didn't take too well to Kaia May, Erland Vinter's assistant, after asking how long the Ghostbusters would be gone and subsequently being ignored. Winston asked Janine not to kill Kaia since nobody else spoke Italian. Winston reminded her they couldn't gone for more than two weeks per their contract and would call ahead if they were returning sooner. Ray waived to Janine and thanked her for the ride. While Peter, Ray, and Winston were on Poveglia, Janine and Jenny held open interviews at the Firehouse starting at 2 pm local time. After two hours, Janine was on a couple "maybes" but noticed one applicant, who could type 65 words per minute, would solve her office problems rather than address the issue of not having enough to send out on busts. Janine was relieved to learn Jenny spoke with Melanie the other week and got her to agree to put in time between out of state investigations. Janine admitted she felt none of the applicants knew what they were in for if they got hired.

Kevin was hired. But Janine had difficulties getting him certified as a back up Ghostbuster. Janine brought Melanie up to speed on the Ghostbusters' new international contract. She was eager to take some cases off the back burner but Melanie revealed she was only in town for the day. A new FBI case came up. And she wanted Egon and Kylie's help. Janine was not pleased then asked how bad it was. Melanie showed her the file. Making the best of things, Janine assigned Melanie to take care of two back burner cases with Egon and Kylie - one in the Bronx and one up in Harlem. Melanie could ask them for their help then. Melanie found it all rather convenient. Janine pointed out she could have put her down for the sewers. Janine went with Peter and Winston to the dimension occupied by the Ghostbusters they recently met to enlist the parallel Egon's help in deciphering the notes of their Egon, recently dispersed by Loftur Þorsteinsson. She didn't take kindly to Peter hitting on the parallel Janine. Upon their return, Janine took parallel Egon upstairs to read the research. Peter tasked Janine with calling on the Chicago Ghostbusters to help with the search for the key and map to the Rauoskinna.

Janine and Jenny handled all the calls, including a bothersome Poltergeist in Gracie Mansion. After the bust, they met with Peck at the PCOC office to discuss the request for reimbursement of nearly $400,000 stemming from the chartering of jets to Chile and Japan on short notice to find the Rauoskinna. A day and half after the Ghostbusters procured the Rauoskinna, Peter, Janine, and Melanie went to the Renaissance Pizzaria. Some time after 5:48 pm, Ray and Jenny arrived. From outside, Ray yelled that "he" was here. Peter mistook Ray's declaration for the latest manifestation of President John F Kennedy's ghost. Janine explained to Melanie he kept appearing asking for something better than Idlewild to be named after him and they started ignoring him. Melanie wasn't surprised. Janine took part in the Ghostbusters' meeting with Loftur and subsequent journey through Hell. After they were teleported to Craig Liath, Aibell called in her favor from Peter and asked for the Rauoskinna. Janine was resistant to complying because she wanted the others to make sure there was nothing in the book that could help restore Egon. As a token of good faith, Aibell restored Egon to life. Janine hugged the confused Egon. Jenny felt the book was too dangerous and destroyed it at the cost of her life. Infuriated, Aibell sent everyone back to Central Park where Jenny manifested as a ghost. The next day, Janine sent the Ghostbusters to the Bronx to look into a case of a dog-eating-toilet. She wasn't having any of Peter's quips and requested they not track anything back to the Firehouse.

As fall came, paranormal activity increased once again. Being stuck with inventory did little to improve Janine's mood. Janine's niece Cait Banner and Cait's best friend Zoe Zawadzki came to the Firehouse to try and convince her to move the Torres family up the waiting list. Janine cited the principle of triage and informed the girls that the Ghostbusters had to after the worst first. Much to her chagrin, the phone rang. While Janine went to answer it, Cait and Zoe "borrowed" a Trap and a P.K.E. Meter. She soon noticed they were gone and worried Cait and her friends were going to do something stupid. She called Peter and Ray to check on the children. They were surprised with Ray's offer to teach them how to be Ghostbusters. Peter corrected Ray and said they were waiting to see how they handled a real life-and-death situation, apologizing to Janine. Janine made them take up Ray's offer. She later called up Kylie and informed here there was a Class 5 ghost in Queens. A week after an incident on Coney Island, Peck informed the Ghostbusters of a fine from the EPA that would put them out of business. Peter say it as an opportunity to expand operations. He cited Cait, Evan, and Zoe but Janine cut him off and stated he wasn't sending them out on busts. Peter clarified himself and presented his idea for a fantasy camp that would double as a recruiting program.

Janine and Kevin watched the Ghostbusters 101 commercial before it aired. Janine couldn't believe it was happening. She predicted the onslaught of legal wrangling and stupid questions they were going to be flooded with was going to be a big damn headache. Kevin mentioned Melanie heard about it and said the FBI will want to negotiate a dedicated class. Janine was bewildered she got wind of it so quickly and wanted to know how but Dr. Carla Parker interjected and asked for Peter. She introduced herself and her son Garrett Parker then clarified they spoke with Peter recently about a potential spot in his 101 pilot program. Janine revealed Peter was out on a call then stopped and asked what pilot program she was talking about. Kevin chimed and explained it was what Peter was calling the arrangement between Ray and Cait, Evan, and Zoe. Janine tried to ease out Carla by saying Peter was overstating things but Carla insisted he was quite clear the Ghostbusters were teaching a small group of teenagers about ghosts. She revealed Garrett's father was very ill and Garrett was having a hard time dealing with it. Janine felt sorry for Garrett and told Kevin to introduce him to the others while she went over PCOC paperwork with Carla. Cait and Zoe convinced Jenny to give them a break so they could help with Garrett's orientation. They showed him the Interspatial Teleportation Unit in the basement. Garrett was almost pulled through the portal but Zoe closed it. Janine saw everything and was irate. Cait knew what was going to happen next. Janine angrily yelled at them to get back upstairs then they were going to have a long "talk".

A couple weeks later, Janine spotted twin Statues of Liberty from Battery Park. She called Jenny. Jenny informed her Cait didn't blow anything up in the Warehouse and three of Peter's 101 cadets busted a ghost without incident. Janine asked for Ray but he left to authenticate a collector's item at the book store. She asked Jenny to get a hold of him while she called the others. During a meeting between the team and another from an alternate dimension, Janine informed a bewildered Erin Gilbert they had interns, a branch in Chicago, and liaison agent with the FBI. Kevin Beckman kept answering the phone and telling people he tagged everything that belonged to his team's Firehouse so no one would get confused. Janine took the phone away after he called Ray. She noted Beckman kind of reminded her of a Labrador Retriever then informed Ray that Egon and Abby left to collect data and Melanie was on her way from the west coast as soon as she could get a flight. Ray, in turn, informed her they cleared up Ellis Island but asked her to call the Fire Department on the special line as soon as possible because several buildings had caught on fire.

After a press conference, Peck went to the Firehouse and exclaimed the matter of the dimensional bleed was not well in hand. Janine told him she was sure he was overreacting. Peck stated he saw the Mayor change into a different man and back. He demanded one of the Ghostbusters to come down and provide a comprehensive update. Jillian Holtzmann couldn't resist the chance and messed with Peck. She joked she could steal a soul with a kiss. He told Janine to keep her away from him until things were resolved and to be kept in the loop. Holtzmann made a crack about redheads not having a soul so he didn't have to worry. Janine warned her to watch it but mused she was going to fit right in then gave her a call that just came in from the Bronx. In the morning, Melanie touched base with Janine. Janine didn't bother translating what the Ghostbusters told her and simply relayed that something was pulling two worlds together and they had a plan to fix it. Melanie barely understood it all but knew enough that there wouldn't be another scary beam of light in the sky. Janine manned the phones and dealt with a lot of panicked people. She even spoke to the Queen of England. She heard the Ultimate Mobile Trap leaving and walked to the front, realizing Melanie arrived. She immediately recruited her to help with the phones. Only Tanaka was impressed she talked to the Queen. After the Ghostbusters crossed the streams on a breach to seal it and split the two dimensions, Beckman thought he was becoming one with the universe again. Janine noticed he said "again."

Janine accepted a box delivered from the Kung Fu Hustle Supply Emporium to the Firehouse and brought it up to the third floor for Egon to verify. She was concerned to see Donatello in distress from a fault in the Experimental Mental Communications Device. Egon admitted it was partly his fault but Donatello downplayed it. Janine suggested he sit down for a bit but Donatello insisted there was no time for that because he could feel the Collectors searching for the Turtles. Donatello opened the box and revealed his plan to make proton-powered versions of the Turtles' weapons. Egon and Janine waited for the others to cross over back to the Firehouse. She and Michelangelo hugged. Michelangelo revealed they got to see their mother. Janine wanted to hear all about it but Donatello handed out the Proton Weapons and explained the plan to capture the Collectors. Janine was present in the basement when the Turtles used the teleportation unit to return to their dimension. She asked them to say hello April for her.

Janine was present when Kylie was analyzed after her precognitive dream about Connla's plans. Egon lied about the nature of the readings but asserted they took dreams seriously. Peter contended he never took his seriously. Janine added they all learned that lesson already. Peter brought up the ghost had an Irish accent and hinted at a connection to Kylie like with Janine and the Draugar. Egon doubted it. Kylie revealed her great-grandfather chose her family's surname when he immigrated to America because it had a good ring to it. She realized something and ran off to double check her theory. Janine yelled out to leave the Dream Analyzer Helmet on the front desk. She signed and reckoned Ray had too much of an influence on her. Peter thought Egon was more to blame. Janine went to Peck's office for an 11:15 meeting. He started by saying he appreciated that she came. She didn't understand what was going on that couldn't be said over the phone. Peck steered the discussion to the death of Jenny and how she was now considered an unreliable resource. He and PCOC needed certainty, especially in the face of the Ghostbusters' ongoing exploration of the multiverse. Janine tried to downplay recent events but Peck recalled the dimensional bleed incident and Gozer of examples of the dangers that befell them. He surprised her with an offer to succeed Jenny as the new liaison.

Peter unknowingly helped cause an overload when he deposited the Trap, during a diagnostic, just as Ron and Holtzmann secretly tested their Remote Access Teleportation Unit. Janine and Jenny went to a hospital a few blocks away from the Firehouse to check on Peter's progress or lack of. They stopped at Pequod's stand. Jenny stated she hated hospitals. Janine wondered why since she was dead and couldn't be overcharged anymore. She apologized and admitted she never thought how the place would make her feel. Jenny told her it was fine but revealed she could sense things she would rather not sense. She detected Peter was fine for the most part. Janine joked she wasn't worried until she got an ugly stack of paperwork for his next of kin. Before Jenny could ask further about the next of kin, Janine revealed to her that Peck offered the liaison job. Jenny was surprised and told her she would be great at it since she knew the ins and outs of the business better than anyone else and knew how to keep the Ghostbusters in line. Janine wasn't so sure the trade offs were worth it: a say in things and a lot of freedom for new responsibilities and a little more money. Jenny advised her not to make decisions based on maybes but she was interrupted. Jenny sensed something came for Peter. She entered the mental plane. Peter regained consciousness with the other Ghostbusters, Janine, and Jenny by his side but with news of the current situation. Two days later, Janine was present at the meeting of Ghostbusters at the Warehouse.

The Ghostbusters of 50-S asked why they didn't use the teleportation unit to travel back in time to prevent the accident from happening. The discussion started to get out of hand after the Extreme Ghostbusters joined in. Janine heard enough and whistled. She yelled at everyone to listen, shut up, and pay attention. She smacked Peter in the head for mentioning they met their future selves once. Egon thanked her and reiterated the teleportation unit could not time travel but time was a dimension they could access in so far as they went to parallel realities that could be further ahead or further behind what they knew as the present but no action they took had an effect on their timeline. Egon later convinced Janine to participate in the retrieval mission. Kevin went in her place to the PCOC offices to update Peck.

A field team consisting of Ray Stantz of Dimension 68-R, Gabriel Sitter of 50-S, Janine Melnitz, Ron Alexander, Patty Tolan of 80-C, and Garrett Miller of 68-E arrived in a parallel dimension. They canvassed a circus but Garrett was possessed by the Hungry Manitou and it generated a Giant Murder Clown construct around themselves for protection while it fed. Ron proposed they use Proton Grenades. Janine objected but Ron pointed out he said they should have left Garrett behind but she said it would be okay. He had no sympathy for Garrett and his cockiness and threw a grenade. The Murder Clown retaliated and fired deadly projectiles that resembled ice cream cones. Patty tackled Ron out of harm's way. Ray 68-R and Gabriel wondered why he wasn't fired yet. Janine stated they wanted him where they could keep an eye on him and were waiting for memory erasing technology to be perfected by Egon. Ron quipped it would never be finished since Egon tested it on himself and they didn't want him selling everything he knew to the highest bidder. Ron was stopped mid-sentence and realized three of the Murder Clown's projectiles had pierced his chest and stomach then he fell over. Janine told Gabriel her Ghostbusters captured the Manitou in Schenectady and it wanted to eat them, not kill them right away. Gabriel hoped she meant that as a euphemism.

The Giant Murder Clown wasn't weakening. Janine knew they needed something else to take it down. Ron came to and told Gabriel to cut his Proton Pack off and call the "fat guy" over. Gabriel assumed he was talking about Ray 68-R. Ron explained the Proton Grenade stunned it but blowing up the Proton Pack would be strong enough to free Garrett. Ray 68-R threw the pack into the air and ordered everyone to shoot it. Patty asked if that was safe. Janine pointed out she was asking that kind of question only now. The explosion dispersed the Giant Murder Clown and freed Garrett. Blinded by the dust, Janine asked if it worked then Gabriel told everyone to look, to her annoyance. Garrett and Gabriel captured the Manitou. Janine checked on Garrett but got annoyed when he continued to refer to her as "ma'am" even after she said it made her feel old. She reckoned they should find Garrett's wheelchair and probably take Ron to a hospital. Before Ron could react, Patty warned they would leave him stranded if he said another word. Janine declared it was such a disaster and remembered why she hated going out into the field. Ray 68-R was surprised and revealed his dimension's Janine loved to bust ghosts. Janine reckoned she didn't have much common sense. They opened a portal home but only Ron returned to the prime dimension. The others were redirected by Tiamat to the Collectors' Limbo.

Rather than serve her, they fought back. Winston came up with an ad hoc plan to utilize the remaining Trap-Gates to strip Tiamat's P.K.E. and send it to random dimensions then trap her. Janine was one of the seven to use a Trap-Gate on her. A few days after the field teams of Ghostbusters returned to the prime dimension, Janine met with Peck at a Pequod's. Peck wanted an answer in regard to his offer to her to become the next PCOC liaison. Janine started by presenting conditions to be met upon her acceptance of the offer. She wanted to keep her desk at the Firehouse, keep her own schedule, do the least amount of meetings, and an extra $15,000 on top of his previous offer plus her current office salary. Peck found her conditions absurd but they both knew finding someone with the necessary skills was difficult. Peck sighed and accepted. He welcomed her to PCOC and they shook hands.

Janine was not pleased Peter pulled a fire alarm at Penn Station to clear out civilians and reminded him that was the kind of stuff she had to smooth over with the city. Peter reminded her she took the PCOC liaison job because she wanted the extra responsibility. Janine corrected him and stated she wanted the extra money because she wasn't paid what she was worth. Janine shifted back to the topic and asked if the Atlantean Priest Ghost was a threat because she had PCOC reports to file. Peter told her to tell Peck he knew a place when he could file the reports. Egon interrupted them and explained he and Ray believed the ghost intended to summon a primordial being to both attack and destroy Manhattan. Janine was naturally concerned. Egon explained summoning a god wasn't as simple as flipping a switch and they had time on their side. He also already deduced it was attempting the summoning in Battery Park at dawn.

Janine was not pleased to have a giant alien robot standing inside the Firehouse. It was not because he was an alien. She was concerned about him putting holes in the sheet rock because the contractors always ripped them a new one every time they needed repairs. Ectronymous Diamatron claimed he would never damage anything. His left arm accidentally bent a beam. Janine made herself a cup of tea. Ectronymous introduced himself. She told him to call her Janine and couldn't believe that was his name. She refused to call him that over and over. Ectronymous couldn't believe it since it was just eight syllables. Peter bet he didn't know anyone with a full name longer than five. Ectotron was at a loss. Peter suggested a change. Janine remembered Robo-Buster was taken and thought of Ectobot. She remembered "Tron" and came up with Ectotron. Ectronymous conceded he could live with that. Janine told him to fix the support beam. He took a knee and asked Ray if she was how all of humanity was: open-minded and unfazed by those who are different. Ray told him Janine was a special case. Starscream phased through the doors and saw differently. He thought humans were all small, soft, and stuck in one shape. Janine was alarmed and reached for the Proton Grenade in her drawer. Winston had her stand down. Starscream was insulted and headed upstairs.

Ectotron made contact with his leader, Optimus Prime while Janine answered a call and learned Mr. Colchamiro had another supernatural infestation. Janine was happy to do business with him again but suggesting getting the property cleansed. After they returned, Optimus Prime stepped inside. Janine asked Optimus if he needed a towel or some turpentine. Optimus declined but asked her what the phrase "When in Rome" meant. Janine informed him it meant to blend in like the locals. Optimus took it under advisement. Peter returned with news that Starscream was gone.

Dimension 50-S

Janine interceded in the conversation between the two teams about a day off and announced there was a call about a haunted house that appeared out of nowhere in Bayside, Queens. She added there was a video posted online about it.

Tertiary Canon History

In "The Real Ghostbusters" she started off much like her film counterpart in character but with green pointy glasses. Later season saw her becoming less tough and more motherly as the show wanted to give good role models. She also returned in "Extreme Ghostbusters", following up the previous series.

  • For more information of the animated version of Janine Melnitz go to the animated article.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

Janine's role in Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime was limited to a few panels in three cinematics.

When Ray and Egon come to conclusion to let the junior team investigate the Sedgewick Hotel, Janine calls them. She is later present when everyone observes the shards of the Relic of Nilhe and celebrating victory over Dumazu.


Janine is highly sardonic with her eccentric bosses, while taking her job in such an unusual business in stride. As such, no matter how strange circumstances become at work, she is largely unflappable. Her hobbies included racquetball and reading.

In the first film, Janine showed romantic interest in Egon, but by the second film, begins a relationship with Louis Tully.


In Ghostbusters II, Janine's appearance is very different from the first film; she now has red hair, a new hairstyle, and wears humongous glasses. This new look was perhaps influenced by the Real Ghostbuster cartoon series, which was popular at the time.


Ghostbusters (1984) Trivia

  • Sandra Bernhard was offered the role of Janine Melnitz.[5]
  • When Annie Potts auditioned for the role of Janine Melnitz, she asked her Brazilian nanny to dress her for it because Potts thought her really whimsical style suited Janine.[6]
  • Janine's look in the first movie was based on costume designer Suzy Benzinger.[7]
  • Newly recovered dailies from a Kansas mine in 2019 revealed some of the alternate takes and discarded material. One was from Chapter 20: Keymaster. When Janine hugs Egon, he responds she has nice clavicles.[8]
  • In the Chapter 08: "Bug-Eyes Thing", Janine is reading the January 23, 1984 issue of People Weekly, evidenced by the Cher cover. While an old back issue in-universe, that issue of People Weekly conveys the scene was filmed on that day in January 1984 or right around that time.
  • In the same scene, Janine reveals to Egon her hobbies are reading and racquetball.
  • In the August 5, September 30, and October 7, 1983 drafts, Janine implies Peck's various documents, when he arrives to shut down the protection grid, are comparable to the Gestapo in Poland during World War II.[9]
  • In the July 6, 1983 draft, part of the ending of the first movie included Egon and Janine getting married in Las Vegas.[10]

Ghostbusters II Trivia

  • In the August 5, 1988 draft:
    • On page 44, Janine left an office temp job before coming back to work with the Ghostbusters.[11]
    • On page 60, Janine did not babysit. Only Louis did.[12]
    • On page 78, Janine's 'I'm sorry, the earliest we could get to you...' line appears amid the montage of supernatural activity at the end of the story.
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft:
    • On page 46, a nameless man and woman play the husband and wife in the new commercial.
    • On page 48, Janine tells a caller the Ghostbusters might be in the area later in the week. She tells another caller it sounds like a Free Roaming Vaporous Phantasm if it isn't the landlord.
    • On page 49, Janine mentions the weekly special is $199.95, which includes trapping, removal, and a 1 year ghost-free guarantee. She talks to Peter while he walks to the basement with a smoking Trap. He notes she left a great office temp job and informs her they only have unisex restrooms then notes they have to go to the World Trade Center before the Murray Hill case. Janine sighs and hits the alarm button.
    • On page 64-66, Louis pretends to be a Ghostbuster upstairs while Janine prepares to close up for the day. Janine surprises him and he almost blasts her. He notes he celebrates New Years on March 1st to avoid the crowds and big rush. Louis asks her if she's ever been to Tad's and recalls a steak, bakes potato, roll, and salad with choice of dressing all for $5.29.
    • On page 72, Egon, Ray, and Winston pass by Janine and Louis in the hall in their yellow rubber jackets. Peter jokes they were helping change a diaper. Janine survey's Peter's apartment and asks him if he really lives there. Peter jokes it's a front and his real apartment is behind one of the walls.
    • On page 73, Peter is okay with Louis helping babysit and tells him he doesn't want to come home and find them humping on his couch.
    • On page 74, Janine watches TV while Louis paces around with a crying Oscar and a bottle of milk.
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft:
    • On page 49, Janine sets up her desk with family photos and a Garfield doll. Janine tells Louis her Social Security number is 129-45-8986. Louis tells her his is 322-36-7366. Janine notes according to numerology, he is a person with a great appetite for life and has a deeply passionate nature.
    • On page 84, Louis pretends to be a Ghostbuster but Janine surprises him and he almost blasts her. He notes he celebrates New Years on March 1st to avoid the crowds and big rush.
    • On page 91, Peter leans in to kiss Dana but she thinks she should call Janine. Peter promises she has a special way with children. Janine watches TV while Louis paces around with a crying Oscar and a bottle of milk.
  • In the February 27, 1989 draft:
    • On page 75-76, Louis uses a Proton Pack to try and catch Slimer but he almost blasts Janine. He notes he celebrates New Years on March 1st to avoid the crowds and big rush.
  • Janine's debut scene in Ghostbusters II was filmed inside the Fire Station No. 23 in Los Angeles.
  • In the Ghostbusters II commentary, during the Chapter 16: Vigo 101 segment, Joe Medjuck mentioned Janine's hair style was slightly based on Janine's at the time on The Real Ghostbusters.[13]
  • Elements of the commercial in Ghostbusters II originated in the commercial in pages 17-18 in the October 7, 1983 draft of the first movie. It featured a frightened family. One of the mother's lines, "It's that darn ghost again," is spoken by Janine. One of the father's lines, "I guess we'll just have to move," is spoken by Louis. Read excerpt here.
  • In the Ghostbusters II commercial, Janine is reading the Cosmopolitan magazine November 1988 issue.
  • Janine does not like horses.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trivia

  • Janine repeats one of her lines from the first movie, "Can I help you?"
  • Janine's hesitance to answer who she was to Egon alludes to the romantic sub-plot between her and Egon in the first movie.
  • A daily of Egon and Janine hugging at the end of the first movie, from Chapter 28: Crossing Streams, appears in the video Gary Grooberson shows Phoebe and Podcast.
  • Janine's whale paperweight from the first movie is on top of the old computer in Egon's underground lab.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Trivia

  • At the start of Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick, the third message on the Firehouse answering machine is for Janine, from a Mark she met at a "I have a crush on my boss but I'm afraid to tell them" seminar.[14]
  • During the events of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Janine has a boyfriend evidenced by the picture frame on the left side of her desk.[15][16]
    • The boyfriend is modeled after a friend of someone on the Terminal Reality staff
    • Originally, Winston was in the picture frame.
  • In total, Janine has 19 different phone call conversations in realistic versions of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
  • Janine's favorite flavor of tea is chamomile.[17]

Ghostbusters (2016) Trivia

IDW Comics Trivia

  • On the Ghostbusters Annual 2015, regular cover, Janine is wearing the outfit seen in Ghostbusters Chapter 21 "Out of Biz"
    • Janine's book is about her racquetball hobby
  • Janine once bet and lost $20 to Kylie that Ray didn't have a personal life.[18]
  • In Ghostbusters International #8, Janine is wearing an outfit her animated counterpart wore in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Ragnarok and Roll"
  • On page 19, panel 6 of Ghostbusters International #10, Janine has a mug with a tea bag in it, a nod to her love of chamomile.
  • On page 21 of Ghostbusters International #11, Janine is wearing an outfit from the first movie, notably when she gets the call from the Sedgewick Hotel.
  • In Ghostbusters Annual 2017, on page 31, Janine is wearing the yellow tank and orange skirt worn by her counterpart on The Real Ghostbusters.
  • Cait Banner is Janine's favorite niece.[19]
  • In her bio in the Dramatis Personae of Ghostbusters 101 #1, it is mentioned Janine enjoys pilates on Thursdays.[20]
  • On page 3 of Ghostbusters: Funko Universe, Janine wears her black overall skirt and has her hair do from Ghostbusters II.
  • Janine's outfit in Ghostbusters 101 #3 to Ghostbusters 101 #6 is from a deleted scene in the first movie of her talking to Egon while he works on equipment.[21]
  • Janine appears on the Regular Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5, near Janine has an "84" is on her jacket, a nod to the year of the first movie. The pose of her embrace with Egon is a nod to when Janine tells him her premonition of his death.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters: Interdimensional Cross-Rip, a Post-It Note from Janine appears on the dashboard.
  • Janine appears on Cover B of Ghostbusters 101 #6.
  • The back of the Ghostbusters 101 #6 RI Wraparound Photo Cover has Janine Melnitz from the 1984 movie, Chapter 08 "Bug-Eyes Thing," when she first talked to Egon.
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, in panel 5, on Janine's desk is a cup of tea - nod to her love of chamomile tea.
  • On page 20 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2, Janine's new look is based on her appearance in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Stylized Versions.
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Janine is wearing a yellow outfit with dots worn by her animated counterpart in The Real Ghostbusters episodes such as "Janine's Day Off".
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Janine is wearing a coat her animated counterpart wore in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Ghost Busted" when they found Slimer mistakenly helping a jewel thief.
  • On May 15, 2018, Janine was featured on the Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card #25.[22]
  • On May 22, 2018, Janine was mentioned in the Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card #27, featuring Kevin Tanaka.[23]
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #3, one of the Spectral Ghostbusters is a doppelganger of Janine.
  • Janine was mentioned in the 101 Cadets' bio in the 38th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on June 28, 2018.[24]
  • On page 21 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #5, it is revealed Janine hasn't met Egon 68-E because the others recognized his resemblance to Roger.[25]
  • Janine appears on Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6.
  • Janine appears on Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #8 in her first outfit from the first movie.
  • On page 13 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over #8, in panel 2, on top of the filing cabinets is Janine's box of Chamomile tea.
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over #8, Janine's business suit is visually based on one briefly worn by Janine at the start of The Real Ghostbusters episode "Egon on the Rampage".
  • On page 1 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #3, Janine is wearing her outfit from the first movie when the Containment Unit was shut down.
  • On page 2 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #3:
    • Janine makes tea, a nod to her love of chamomile tea from Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
    • Janine mentions the 1982 movie "Tron" and that she liked it.[26]
    • Janine comes up with the Ectotron name.
  • On page 3 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #3:
    • Janine keeps a Proton Grenade in her drawer.
    • In panel 5, on Janine's computer screen is the shot of Unicron on Primacron's computer seen in the middle of the Transformers episode "Call of the Primitives" when Oracle tells the origins of Unicron.
  • Janine stars in a series of online spots advertising the features of Quickbooks. In the "Happy Business: Ghostbusters Payroll Taxes" online spot, released on December 27, 2019, Janine is listed on payroll and is paid $1,246.36 by direct deposit.
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1, Winston's interview from Chapter 14 of the first movie is reenacted. Janine, however, bears her blue rim glasses from the IDW canon rather than the red rim glasses in the movie.
  • On page 6 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1, Janine alludes to when Peter asked Marty if the first sign was too subtle or not in Chapter 8 of the first movie.
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, Janine's mug has tea, Chamomile was her favorite flavor since Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, Janine is wearing her outfit from the first movie, Chapter 21: Out of Biz when the grid is shut off.
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, in panel 2, on Janine's computer screen is Luis Delgado's 15 easter egg.
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, is book in a satchel, a nod to Janine's reading hobby.
  • On page one of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3:
    • In panel 7, Janine is wearing the modified version of the outfit from her first appearance in Chapter 8: "Bug-Eyes Thing" that has been seen in past issues like Ghostbusters 101 Issue #1.
    • Janine is drinking tea. In Ghostbusters: The Video Game, it was revealed her favorite flavor was chamomile.
    • In panel 8, behind Janine is a street sign indicating she and Rebecca Morales are on a stretch of Tenth Avenue before it becomes Amsterdam Avenue. Janine is sitting in the outside dining area of Empire Diner on Tenth Avenue and W. 22nd Street at 210 Tenth. Behind Janine is the Clement Clarke Moore Park. A small part of the black awning of Eclat Salon across the street at 533 W. 23rd Street from Empire can be seen on the right.
  • The solicit version of the Cover RI of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #4 features Janine is in her dress from Ghostbusters II Chapter 16: Vigo 101.
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #4:
    • Janine's outfit is based on one of her animated counterpart's stock outfits from the initial run of The Real Ghostbusters.
    • Janine is wearing a The Real Ghostbusters Haunted Watch from 1988.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #4, Janine is wearing the modified version of the outfit from her first appearance in Chapter 8: "Bug-Eyes Thing". Janine alludes to trying to get to know Egon like when she asked him what his hobby was at the end of Chapter 8.

Ghostbusters: The Board Game Trivia

  • On February 13, 2015, the 6th stretch goal of Ghostbusters: The Board Game, $525,000, was also introduced: Janine Melnitz.[27]
  • On February 15, 2015, Janine Melnitz was unlocked.[28] Janine's figure was later changed to pink.[29]
  • On her Ghostbusters: The Board Game character card:
    • Janine's employee ID # is listed as 111 89 0603.
    • Mentions she is an occasional Ghostbuster like in the IDW Comics continuity
    • Mentions she is a little bit psychic, a nod to the first movie when she tells Egon of a prediction he's going to die.


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