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"Oooh, men! Can't live with 'em, can't sell 'em for parts!"

- Janine Melnitz

Janine Melnitz was the secretary of the Ghostbusters.


Primary Canon History[]

While not much is known about her history, she is from Brooklyn as her voice suggests. From the start, she treated the whole Ghostbusters Secretary thing as "only a job" and that's it. However, she also is well known for her crush on Egon Spengler. That in many ways brought her back in 1997 to work with the new team.

The Real Ghostbusters[]

Janine mainly worked as the secretary of the Ghostbusters. However, she became much more than that while working with the team. Janine served as the Ghostbusters' link to the world outside of ghosts. She was usually the one preparing for celebrations and Halloween parties. She also took care of most bills and ordering items and Firehouse maintenance.

At one point, Janine was fed up with working behind the desk and went along with the Ghostbusters on a bust at the docks. She picked an old brass lamp as payment and accidentally released a Genie. After the ordeal was taken care of, Janine decided it was best she stick with her job as secretary.[1] But Janine continued to work the Proton Pack over the years when the situation demanded it.

Extreme Ghostbusters[]

Janine left the Firehouse after the team was disbanded. In 1997, she got downsized and enrolled at a community college.[2] She signed up for Egon's "Paranormal Phenomena 101" course and reunited with him and Slimer just as Achira escaped her prison. Janine returned to the role of the secretary for the Ghostbusters; however, she is more stressed about her relationship with Egon. While Janine and Egon are drawn towards each other, Egon is constantly distracted by his Ghostbusters work and winds up distancing himself from her.

In one attempt to get Egon's attention, Janine started dating a bug demon (in the disguise of a man) in order to make Egon jealous. However, the bug wanted her to be his queen and finally revealed his true self to her. Janine was captured by this giant creature and was transformed into a female bug. Janine's mind was also slowly transformed with her body and she now truly believed that she was the queen of the bugs, however a small part of her love for Egon remained. When Egon showed up with the other Ghostbusters to save her, they were all subdued, but Egon did manage to get to Janine before she completely lost herself. Janine then snagged the Trap and personally captured the giant bug who had changed her, with the bug captured, the Ghostbusters were released and Janine was changed back to her human form. Though Egon started to get closer with her after the incident, his Ghostbusting still came between the two.

At one point, Egon was smitten by a parasitic ghost in the form of a beautiful lady named Lilith, who temporarily took Janine's place while she went on an all-expenses paid vacation to ease from the stress of her work. Though the other Ghostbusters, believed her to be innocent, Janine suspected the worst. The Ghostbusters were all lured into a trap when they believed that she had been captured. It was revealed Lilith only joined the Ghostbusters as a backup secretary so she could study their equipment and make her own versions of the proton streams and the containment grid so she could capture humans and feed on their life energy. However, Janine took up Peter Venkman's old outfit and pack and released them all, allowing them to successfully capture the ghost.

Changes Through the Seasons[]


From left to right RGB: Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Slimer!, and Extreme Ghostbusters.

The first and second seasons of the series portray Janine as more of the rude secretary seen in the Film. In these seasons, she is voiced by Laura Summer. She is known in those two seasons for her pointy green glasses and cowlick. The episodes frequently hint at her having a crush on Egon, which Egon either ignores or doesn't notice.

The third and fourth season saw her softened and given more of a role as the Ghostbusters' caregiver. Janine had changed to a more innocent and pretty lady with a longer skirt. Her glasses are now round, and she is slightly taller. Kath Soucie portrays Janine from seasons three until series' end. The reason was Kath's voice was soft and didn't have a harsh sounding Brooklyn accent to it. In the episode "Janine, You've Changed," it turns out that Janine's new looks were the result of a ghost named Makoveris Lotsabucks.

Secondary Canon History[]

IDW Comics[]

Dimension 68-R[]

During the Proteus incident, after Slimer completed his reconnaissance mission in the Containment Unit, Janine took his recorder pack up to Egon's laboratory. She used the Banana 9000 to playback the captured audio. Slimer interrupted her. He tried to tell her about another Ray Stantz but she reminded him she was trying to concentrate.

Janine and Slimer found the Ghostbusters imprisoned in a mirror in the Erie. They warned her of Proteus but he appeared and went through several forms. Janine tried to blast him with a Proton Stream but it had no affect on him. She opted the free the Ghostbusters while Slimer provided a momentary distraction. They quickly fled the Erie before Proteus' beams destroyed the building. Egon commended Janine for her bravery. Janine soon encountered a Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, and Janine Melnitz from another dimension. She hailed her Ghostbusters on Ecto-1's radio and asked them to return to the Firehouse as soon as possible. Peter sensed they had a connection and asked if she was ever tested for psychic abilities. The parallel Janine told him to knock it off. Janine guessed her therapist was going to have field day with this latest occurrence.

On a Friday, after a week of having cases poached by Spooks Away, Peter had enough and called the whole situation ridiculous. Janine answered the phone but it was just someone asking for Spooks Away's phone number. Peter declared they were ruined. Saul Pendleton, leader of Spooks Away, entered the Firehouse and formally introduced himself then tried to recruit Ray to his team with the promise of a new uniform, the latest equipment and all the jelly doughnuts he could eat. The offer was turned down. Saul told him he was making a mistake because the Ghostbusters were stuck in the past and Spooks Away was the future. Peter prompted Slimer to show him what they thought of his future. Slimer blew a raspberry at Saul and he was slimed. Janine showed him out. Saul promised it wasn't the last they heard of him.

Dimension 68-E[]

One late afternoon, Egon and Janine went on a date to the Central Park Zoo. Janine wondered if there was a butterfly exhibit. Egon noticed the zoo was so clean, there wasn't any interesting mold around. Janine recalled she once read you could learn a lot by the listening to the world around you. She asked him if that was true. Egon answered he came to the scientific conclusion the animals in the zoo are patently mundane and revolting. Blue macaws and a bat started talking to. One macaw propositioned a woman, the other demanded chicken, and a monkey demanded to be let out. Egon grabbed a zookeeper and told them to shut down the zoo. Egon dialed the Firehouse to call in the Extreme Ghostbusters.


Janine was the one that kept the Firehouse in order, including paying bills and answering the phone. While being stuck at her desk all day and all night waiting for calls, Janine had her own social life. She spent a lot of time with Slimer late at night eating snacks and having many activities. Janine also seemed to give off the impression that she did want to be a Ghostbuster as shown during an encounter with the Sandman (which ultimately led to his defeat).

As a Proper Ghostbuster[]

She is most commonly been seen wearing a pink uniform when she was playing the part of a ghostbuster. She can be seen wearing a uniform in the following episodes:

In Extreme Ghostbusters:

Relationship to Others[]

Egon Spengler[]

As stated earlier, there is a very interesting romance going on between the two. Janine can be seen in "The Joke's on Ray" typing "Janine ❤ Egon" on her computer. In "Cold Cash and Hot Water," Janine made a deal with Peter for personal info on Egon, then says "I think he's cute." By the sixth season, Janine's relationship with Egon became more than one-sided (there were hints throughout the series that Egon also had feelings for Janine). This was played down during Extreme Ghostbusters, but their relationship was re-established by the episode "The Crawler." It is possible that it wasn't really brought up because their relationship had matured and they were had come to accept each other as part of their lives long ago. Janine knows Egon simply doesn't express his feelings much, but apparently understands that he does care.

Ray Stantz[]

In many ways, Janine respects Ray Stantz's knowledge, but understands he's a kid at heart. Usually they get along great.

Peter Venkman[]

Janine's relationship with Peter was almost like that of siblings, with each other teasing and getting on the others' nerves.

Winston Zeddemore[]

Janine and Winston Zeddemore seem to get along well, and they both seem to feel similarly to the other Ghostbusters.

Louis Tully[]

She gets along well with Louis, and is very supportive. Her relationship with him from Ghostbusters II is pretty much ignored in the cartoon. However, it was touched upon briefly in the NOW Comics series as Egon told her that him being out of town on a mission would give her more time to spend with Louis, in a context that hinted at mild annoyance. Janine quickly admonished him, stating that Louis was sweet, but harmless.[3][4]

Indeed, during Louis' one appearance in the comics, he didn't even make any sort of pass at her. Louis seems to just be there as a friend to keep her company while the boys are out.


Janine seems used to having Slimer around. The only time she ever expresses displeasure at him is when he steals Janine's donuts, which he has apparently done more than once.

Eduardo Rivera[]

Some episodes it appeared that Eduardo treated her like mother of sorts, and she likewise sometimes treated the Extreme Ghostbusters and especially Eduardo like her own children.

Roland Jackson[]

Janine seems to respect Roland the most and considered him the team's leader of sorts as noted in "Back in the Saddle, Part 1." She called him first to get the team back together in order to help the original team on a bust.

Garrett Miller[]

Much like Eduardo, he was treated like a kid. There was however an implied degree of respect though.

Kylie Griffin[]

Along with Roland, Kylie was a respected type that Janine seemed to trust more often than most.


Cohila, a powerful South American insect demon, chose Janine to be his queen in The Crawler. He transformed her into an insectoid form using his powers, and manipulated her into thinking she was fully an insect and her place was with his hive.


In 1986, during development of The Real Ghostbusters, producer Richard Raynis was not completely satisfied with design of the main cast, especially Janine's. Raynis asked Fil Barlow to do a pass. Barlow didn't like the vagueness of faces and made some suggestions about using structural shapes to defines noses and head shapes. He faxed over two pages, which included Janine's designs on the second. Barlow's suggestions were largely ignored by the character designers.[5] Michael Gross came up with the idea to change Janine's hairstyle later in the series.[6]


  • It is shown/implied in "Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood," "Janine's Day Off," "Victor the Happy Ghost," "Deadcon 1," and "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" that Janine knows how the Containment Unit works.
  • The family name "Melnitz" implies that like Egon, Janine also has a Jewish background.
  • Janine has at least one sister who once called the Firehouse to give out a casserole recipe.[7]
  • Janine won a black and white television set on a TV show when she was a child.[8][9]
  • Janine once said she lived in the Bronx.[10]
  • Janine stocks the Firehouse's kitchen with donuts, but Egon finds them "drab".[11]
  • Janine saw "Poltergeist," a 1982 horror film.[12]
  • Janine read about wax seals in high school.[13]
  • In "A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn," Janine lived in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.
  • Janine revealed the grade school she went to was P.S. 47.[14][15]
    • This public school is Chris Galas located on 9 Power Road in Queens and is part of New York City DOE Region 5, encompassing parts of Brooklyn and Queens.
  • During her childhood, at a park in Brooklyn, there was a police officer on horseback who allowed Janine to ride on Saturday afternoons.[16]
  • When she was a teenager, Janine used to hang out at Spinelli's Malt Shop for the sodas and to play the jukebox.[17]
  • Winston revealed Egon once insulted Janine and she quit.[18]
  • Janine has an aunt named Bella.[19]
  • Janine's friend Maureen once tried to set her up with an orthodontist.[20]
  • Janine realizes she likes Egon for his mind.[21]
  • Janine seems to prefer to write with her left hand, though she has used her right hand for writing on occasion. This is realistic as there are several ambidextrous people who were born left-handed and then forcefully 'corrected' and trained to use their right hands for eating and writing. Peter also seems to be left-handed, as does Garrett from Extreme Ghostbusters.
  • Janine named a ghost "Victor," after her nephew.[22]
  • Janine piloted the Ecto-2 in "Victor the Happy Ghost".
  • Janine mentions she never had anyone like her cooking. Bigfoot appears to be the only one who does.[23]
  • Janine admitted to Egon she loves him most of all among the Ghostbusters.[24]
  • Janine graduated high school in 1977.[25]
  • Egon once acknowledged Janine's Brooklyn accent was annoying.[26]
  • Janine claimed ever since she was a child, people made fun of her for not being pretty enough.[27]
  • As of the events of "Janine, You've Changed", Janine was about 3 inches (7.5 cm) taller.[28] She soon became half an inch taller.[29]
  • In the finale of the battle with the Makoveris Lotsabucks, Janine shifted her appearance between Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Lucretia Borgia, Marie Antoinette, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Marilyn Monroe.[30][31][32]
  • During one summer, Janine spent her vacation in Alaska. [33]
  • Janine watches a daytime soap opera titled "Nurses and Doctors, Doctors and Nurses." [34]
  • Janine once mused she was Cleopatra in a past life. [35]
  • In early drafts of Extreme Ghostbusters, Janine was a history teacher at a local college and mentored the new Ghostbusters team, comprised of her four young students.[36]
  • Janine's original character design had her wearing slacks but a decision was made to change the design to a skirt, just before the "Darkness at Noon, Part 1" was shipped overseas for animation. Shannor Muir, Production Supervisor, had to spend a late night pasting a miniature picture of Janine with her skirt onto all the storyboard pages as a sidebar and note to animators to make her based on that model.[37]
  • Laura Summer was asked to audition for the role of Janine on Extreme Ghostbusters and was told she got it but the role ultimately went to Pat Musick instead.[38]
  • Janine's astrological sign is Scorpio, she likes the music band, The Beatles, and wants to have child. [39]
  • Janine has a sister named Doris who lives out of state.[40]
  • During the Cernunnos case, Janine mentioned she spent 12 years of her life trying to get Egon to fall in love with her.[41]
  • Janine appears on the RI cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #8.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #1, Janine makes a non-canon cameo.
  • Janine is included in the Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #1 Dramatis Personae but doesn't appear in the issue at all.
  • In Ghostbusters Annual 2017, on page 31, Janine is wearing the yellow tank and orange skirt worn by Janine on The Real Ghostbusters.
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Annual 2018, Janine is in her New Ghostbusters flight suit and blows a bubblegum bubble like her animated counterpart.
  • On page 24 of Annual 2018, Janine's top is based on her animated counterpart's.
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Janine is wearing a yellow outfit with dots worn by her animated counterpart in The Real Ghostbusters episodes such as "Janine's Day Off".
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Janine is wearing a coat her animated counterpart wore in "Ghost Busted" when they found Slimer mistakenly helping a jewel thief.
  • On page 21 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, it is revealed Janine doesn't have a teenaged niece like the prime universe Janine.
  • On page 21 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Janine's file photo is from "Ghosts R Us".
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #8, Janine's business suit is visually based on one briefly worn by her animated counterpart at the start of The Real Ghostbusters episode "Egon on the Rampage".
  • On page 13 of 35th Anniversary: The Real Ghostbusters, Ray's Spooks Away uniform has a similar color scheme to the uniform worn by dream Janine in "Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream".
  • Janine 68-E appears on the Regular Cover of Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Extreme Ghostbusters.
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #4, Janine's outfit is based on one of her animated counterpart's stock outfits from the initial run of The Real Ghostbusters.


Primary Canon[]

The Real Ghostbusters


Extreme Ghostbusters

Secondary Canon[]

NOW Comics Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II

The Real Ghostbusters Magazine

Secondary Canon[]

IDW Comics


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